Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Today and tomorrow a look at some obscure, private stuff. Bake Records was my CDR label when I worked for Staalplaat, having released over 60 CDRs by various artists. Less known is the fact there was a small series, with catalogue number 00A, 00B etc of very limited stuff. Today the whole story:

00A Kapotte Muziek - Cardioupdate
Using sound material from the various Anathesia stages, some of which were generated for Cefas van Rossem, an old friend who once gave me tapes of heart simulation sounds. This particular CDR was made for his birthday and marriage in 1999 in an edition of 2. It is also on the Blossoming Noise 10 cassette box.

00B Kapotte Muziek - In Memoriam Joop de Waard
A concert in memory of my father on October 9th 1999 in Brugge. Posted here. Four copies made.

00C Kapotte Muziek - Variations 0"00 For A Busy Man
A piece commisioned by Q-O2 in Brussels as a remix of music by John Cage. You can download it here. Probably 2 copies

00D Japanese field recordings
made by Roel, Hitoko and Frans in Tokyo and Kawasaki. 3 copies made

00E Kara Oke?
Roel and Frans and Japanese guests singing karaoke in Japan. 2 copies made

00F USA Field Recordings
made by Frans de Waard and Roel Meelkop. 2 copies made

00G Summer 2002 field recordings
made by Frans de Waard. 1 copy made

00H is probably lost!

OOI A Young Person's Guide To Frans de Waard
A radio programm for Bermuda Triangle with various bits from CDs, presented by Frans & Elise de Waard. 2 copies made

You don't have to inquire about downloads of those who aren't available for download.

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