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And the finally a look at various collaborative efforts. The first is my work with Merzbow. I corresponded with Masami Akita since 1985 when he submitted a track for 6x10=60 Volume 1 compilation. We then traded sound material of which the first one was a cassette on ZSF and Therapie. Apperently they have different mixes, although I only have a copy of the Therapie release.
Merzbow Kapotte Muziek. (1987) C60 for ZSF Produkt (00C - limited edition of 40 copies) and Therapie Organisatie (teip BO 11 - limited edition of 100 copies). These are different mixes and have different covers for it.
Then, in 1989, Merzbow played his first concerts in the Netherlands, on a tour organised by V2. One was at Diogenes in Nijmegen and earlier that afternoon we set up at an illegal radio station where he and I played together for 40 minutes. Freek Kinkelaar was at the control, adding tapes by Emil Beaulieu and SBOTHI. On The LP that I released only the first 20 minutes are used of this, and on the b-side are two transformtions of that sound material.

"This work uses as source-material, recordings made of a Merzbow concert at Diogenes (Nijmegen, Netherlands) on October 3rd 1989. From these recordings a process was started in which Kapotte Muziek and Merzbow transformed the original material by various means (like repetition, electronic manipulation). Each new transformation was sent to the other, to be reworked again, but only that specific transformation. In the final mix (first mix by Kapotte Muziek, second mix (this record) by Merzbow) all previous steps could be used. Digital recording of the live concert was made by Peter Duimelinks."
Kapot Produkt ORJ: MERZBOW KAPOTTE MUZIEK: CONTINUUM (12" - 2 Tracks - Edition of 1000 copies - 1993)
Cheeses International C02

Two further tracks with Merzbow material were made:

Kapot Produkt OBO: "Speedback Variation Nr.1" on Motop 2 (CD - Dec. 1991)
IF Records IFR 0-10016-2
(Booklet with 1 visual)

Kapot Produkt OBZ: "Speedback Variation Nr.2" on Neue Muster Volume 8 & 9 (2xc45 - june 1992 - edition of 200 copies)
Tonspur Tapes tt040-tt041
(this is in fact a collaboration track with Merzbow)

I still have plans to release a 3CD set of all of this work, including the entire Radio Rataplan concert.

Two further collaborations won't be available for download, since they are part of the Blossoming Noise 10 cassette set:

The Grey Wolves & Kapotte Muziek. C45 in the Death Pact Mailmusic series (on Death Pact Tapes 2 - limited edition of 75 copies)
Vidna Obmana & Kapotte Muziek. C45 in the Death Pact Mailmusic series (on Death Pact Tapes 8 - limited edition of 75 copies)

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