Monday, September 13, 2010

XX-XX-1989 & 1992

Two collaborations can already be found on the internet. The first one is with Bart Hanselaar's The H.E.S.S. Group. Both working on eachother sounds.
Kapotte Muziek & The H.E.S.S. Group (c30 - 1989) Tranches des Vies. Comes with a small booklet

And something similar can be said of this. Although if I am right both Kapotte Muziek and Telepherique worked on shortwave radio sounds. My side was later re-issued as part of the 'Verder' CD, and still a particular favorite.
Kapotte Muziek & Telepherique (c46 - 1992)
Drahtfunk Productions DFP 027

And I am not sure if this one was actually released. The cover you see here is not the real cover. Trev Ward from The Grey Wolves wrote on the backside 'Will send new cover for this next time', but I don't believe I ever got it. A pretty noisy collaboration, all done by The Grey Wolves. I have no idea from which year this is.
The Grey Wolves & Kapotte Muziek - Assasin. 30 minutes of collaborations, released by Strength Through Awarness Branch. Other side by The Grey Wolves and JFK.

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