Monday, September 27, 2010


The final entry for now! Staalplaat organised an event at Korzo Theatre in Den Haag called Masterclass with performances by Etant Donnes, BmB Con, Charlemagne Palestine, Pita, Fredy Beckmans, Mika Vainio and we did our very first workshop. We had 9 participants, including Meeuw Muzak and Radboud Mens. Quite a lot of people, but it looked great. This zip includes the concert and the various sounds people recorded. Staalplaat also released a 3"CD where we have a small piece from our Kaiserlautern concert. Players were: Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop and Frans de Waard. Gig 50 27-09-1997 Korzo, Den Haag, The Netherlands

This blog ran for 1 year with the first twenty-five years of Kapotte Muziek and from now will run for eternity with whatever comes on our way. Posting will be a lot less regular. Updates will be made in the posts when I have new material to access. I will create a side bar for those updates when the first one is done.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


When Peter and I got back from our May 1993 tour we had no immediate plans to continue playing concerts as Kapotte Muziek, but our mutual friend Anton Viergever thought it would be a good idea to play at a festival he was organising called 'Electric Storm', at an art space called De Melkfabriek. It was a sunday early afternoon concert, around coffee time (well as the flyer shows us 15:00!), so the concert started with coffee cups and eating pastry. I think we had a great mixing board, in which also sound was running from DFM Radio, which Peter occasionally added to the mix. Still a great recording. An edited version was released on the Split LP (with Beequeen on the other side) by Wachsender Prozess. Players were: Peter Duimelinks and Frans de Waard. Gig 18 26-09-1993 De Melkfabriek, 's-Hertogenbosch

Thursday, September 23, 2010


So Kapotte Muziek did some strange things, like playing on the railstation in Rotterdam but this concert beat them all. Steffan de Turck (also known as Staplerfahrer) organised a series of acoustic noise concerts in the streets of ZXZW festival in Tilburg (now called Incubate and moving further and further away from what I think is underground, although they label themselves as underground) and we were one. Actually it turned out alright and I released a 3"CDR on My Own Little Label (see/buy here) thanks to the recording and mixing of Jos Smolders. But someone made three films and put them on youtube. So that gives you an impression. Players were: Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop and Frans de Waard. Gig 101 23-09-2007 ZXZW, Tilburg, The Netherlands


This was a gig organised by Jan-Kees Helms, who ran Lor Teeps and Little Seed and these days is back on track doing music and writing for Vital Weekly. Apparently its not recorded, or no such thing is in my archive. Also playing that night was BMB con and something by Helms, using McDonalds waste. I forgot under which guise that was. Roel reported sick that day. Players were: Peter Duimelinks and Frans de Waard. Gig 70 22-09-2001 De Kelder, Amersfoort

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So we celebrated our 100th gig earlier 2007 in Extrapool, but after some re calculation we think this one was the real 100th gig. Also on the programm was Marchetti/Noetinger. The recording is extremely soft. I think Steim also has a recording, but I never got hold of that. Players were: Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop and Frans de Waard. Gig 100 21-09-2007 Steim, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Tomorrow Roel and me will embark for an one-off gig as Zebra in Idrija in Slovenia, and perhaps its a coincidence, but in 2006 we played together this gig in Xanthi, Greece. We were invited, as Zebra, to play at a baptism party. We arrived two days before. The first night we played at some squat like thing. I think I did a Freiband set, and Roel played a solo Goem gig (his only to this date). The next day we played as Kapotte Muziek in Xanthi Folk Museum. The recording is not top notch, with some hiss. On sunday the baptising gig and on monday the best Zebra gig to date in a bar in Thessaloniki. We didn't make any money, but greeks bearing gifts: I still wear the coat they gave me. Players were: Roel Meelkop and Frans de Waard. Gig 97 16-09-2006 Folk Museum, Xanthi, Greece


The other obscure stuff are birthday tapes. As you saw with Korm Plastics Canada, where I did one for Al Lincoln Roy, I did more. All of them had hand made covers, so no covers here, but you find the five I still saved as a copy. Not the best quality around of course, but never heard by anyone. These five are birthday tapes for Peter Zincken (Odal), Peter Schuster (Tesendalo), Bart Hanselaar (of many name-fame), RRRon Lessard and Freek Kinkelaar (still my buddy in Beequeen). I think the last one was a four track tape, so that he could make all sorts of mixes himself. This is just one of them.
download these five

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Today and tomorrow a look at some obscure, private stuff. Bake Records was my CDR label when I worked for Staalplaat, having released over 60 CDRs by various artists. Less known is the fact there was a small series, with catalogue number 00A, 00B etc of very limited stuff. Today the whole story:

00A Kapotte Muziek - Cardioupdate
Using sound material from the various Anathesia stages, some of which were generated for Cefas van Rossem, an old friend who once gave me tapes of heart simulation sounds. This particular CDR was made for his birthday and marriage in 1999 in an edition of 2. It is also on the Blossoming Noise 10 cassette box.

00B Kapotte Muziek - In Memoriam Joop de Waard
A concert in memory of my father on October 9th 1999 in Brugge. Posted here. Four copies made.

00C Kapotte Muziek - Variations 0"00 For A Busy Man
A piece commisioned by Q-O2 in Brussels as a remix of music by John Cage. You can download it here. Probably 2 copies

00D Japanese field recordings
made by Roel, Hitoko and Frans in Tokyo and Kawasaki. 3 copies made

00E Kara Oke?
Roel and Frans and Japanese guests singing karaoke in Japan. 2 copies made

00F USA Field Recordings
made by Frans de Waard and Roel Meelkop. 2 copies made

00G Summer 2002 field recordings
made by Frans de Waard. 1 copy made

00H is probably lost!

OOI A Young Person's Guide To Frans de Waard
A radio programm for Bermuda Triangle with various bits from CDs, presented by Frans & Elise de Waard. 2 copies made

You don't have to inquire about downloads of those who aren't available for download.

Monday, September 13, 2010

XX-XX-1989 & 1992

Two collaborations can already be found on the internet. The first one is with Bart Hanselaar's The H.E.S.S. Group. Both working on eachother sounds.
Kapotte Muziek & The H.E.S.S. Group (c30 - 1989) Tranches des Vies. Comes with a small booklet

And something similar can be said of this. Although if I am right both Kapotte Muziek and Telepherique worked on shortwave radio sounds. My side was later re-issued as part of the 'Verder' CD, and still a particular favorite.
Kapotte Muziek & Telepherique (c46 - 1992)
Drahtfunk Productions DFP 027

And I am not sure if this one was actually released. The cover you see here is not the real cover. Trev Ward from The Grey Wolves wrote on the backside 'Will send new cover for this next time', but I don't believe I ever got it. A pretty noisy collaboration, all done by The Grey Wolves. I have no idea from which year this is.
The Grey Wolves & Kapotte Muziek - Assasin. 30 minutes of collaborations, released by Strength Through Awarness Branch. Other side by The Grey Wolves and JFK.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

XX-XX0-1987 & 1990

Here a case where I mailed some sound material to someone to rework, in this case Stefan Schwab of Tonspur Tapes and the band Context. This on side one, and side two I work with sounds from Context. Later on Context also released a tape with various shorter pieces of collaborations, and there is also one with Kapotte Muziek. That one is here.
Context & Kapotte Muziek - Verbindungen (c60 - 1990) Tonspur Tapes TT28

There weren't that many collaborations with Odal's Peter Zincken. But here is one that is pretty rare. When I moved direction with Korm Plastics, one of the ideas ws to sell stuff in advance of release and give those buys something extra. So when Korm Plastics announced the release of Odal's 'The Choice Of A New Generation', people who paid upfront got a free fifteen minute of work by Odal & Kapotte Muziek. Apparently 12 were made.
Odal/Kapotte Muziek. C15 which was given away for free to subscribers of Odal's The Choice Of A New Generation (C60 on Korm Plastics kp 487). Only 12 copies made.


Friday, September 10, 2010


Two collaborations here, both dealing with tapeloops. Chris Phinney is Mental Anguish and was once the owner of Harsh Reality music. He finished the mix of this tape.
Mental Anguish & Kapotte Muziek - Thrust (c60 - 1991) Harsh Reality HT 211

Swab Sound Horror was local Benjamin Jansen who had a strong fixation on Severed Heads and Nurse With Wound. We exchanged sound material. His side of this release was already posted, this is my side, which I must admit sound quite nice still!
Swab Sound Horror & Kapotte Muziek - Mormorare (c60 on Interrupt Products IP 04)

download both

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Another lesson learned from Factory Records was to branch out, so there has been one release as Korm Plastics USA (led by Jeff Surak of Watergate Tapes then) but the most active was the Canadian branch, run by Al Lincoln Roy of Not Half and Industry Therapy Unit. This is the complete catalogue, as Discogs lists only one release (and wrong at that)

KPC 001 Kapotte Muziek - Frozen Environment c15
KPC 002 Core - Kernen c45
KPC 003 Kapotte Muziek - Al Lincoln Roy's Birthday Tape c30
KPC 004 Not Half - The Presence Of Music
KPC 005 Odal & Kapotte Muziek - Water & Fire
KPC 006 John Hudak & Frans de Waard - … In The Netherlands c46
KPC 007 Core - Frans de Waard's 25th

Core is was a collaborative effort between Not Half and Kapotte Muziek. In today's download you will find all of these releases, except KPC 001 which was posted before and KPC 005 side A, part of the Blossoming Noise 10 cassette set; side B is included. KPC 003 and KPC 007 were released in an edition of 2 copies, so true rarities. The others were editions of 50 copies. I hope Not Half and John Hudak don't mind putting their work in here. I have no cover for KPC 007: it got lost, I think when releasing these on CDR.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


And the finally a look at various collaborative efforts. The first is my work with Merzbow. I corresponded with Masami Akita since 1985 when he submitted a track for 6x10=60 Volume 1 compilation. We then traded sound material of which the first one was a cassette on ZSF and Therapie. Apperently they have different mixes, although I only have a copy of the Therapie release.
Merzbow Kapotte Muziek. (1987) C60 for ZSF Produkt (00C - limited edition of 40 copies) and Therapie Organisatie (teip BO 11 - limited edition of 100 copies). These are different mixes and have different covers for it.
Then, in 1989, Merzbow played his first concerts in the Netherlands, on a tour organised by V2. One was at Diogenes in Nijmegen and earlier that afternoon we set up at an illegal radio station where he and I played together for 40 minutes. Freek Kinkelaar was at the control, adding tapes by Emil Beaulieu and SBOTHI. On The LP that I released only the first 20 minutes are used of this, and on the b-side are two transformtions of that sound material.

"This work uses as source-material, recordings made of a Merzbow concert at Diogenes (Nijmegen, Netherlands) on October 3rd 1989. From these recordings a process was started in which Kapotte Muziek and Merzbow transformed the original material by various means (like repetition, electronic manipulation). Each new transformation was sent to the other, to be reworked again, but only that specific transformation. In the final mix (first mix by Kapotte Muziek, second mix (this record) by Merzbow) all previous steps could be used. Digital recording of the live concert was made by Peter Duimelinks."
Kapot Produkt ORJ: MERZBOW KAPOTTE MUZIEK: CONTINUUM (12" - 2 Tracks - Edition of 1000 copies - 1993)
Cheeses International C02

Two further tracks with Merzbow material were made:

Kapot Produkt OBO: "Speedback Variation Nr.1" on Motop 2 (CD - Dec. 1991)
IF Records IFR 0-10016-2
(Booklet with 1 visual)

Kapot Produkt OBZ: "Speedback Variation Nr.2" on Neue Muster Volume 8 & 9 (2xc45 - june 1992 - edition of 200 copies)
Tonspur Tapes tt040-tt041
(this is in fact a collaboration track with Merzbow)

I still have plans to release a 3CD set of all of this work, including the entire Radio Rataplan concert.

Two further collaborations won't be available for download, since they are part of the Blossoming Noise 10 cassette set:

The Grey Wolves & Kapotte Muziek. C45 in the Death Pact Mailmusic series (on Death Pact Tapes 2 - limited edition of 75 copies)
Vidna Obmana & Kapotte Muziek. C45 in the Death Pact Mailmusic series (on Death Pact Tapes 8 - limited edition of 75 copies)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Ah, almost forgotten is the very first Kapotte Muziek CD. I was thrilled when Nicolas Malevitsis asked me for one. I am still very pleased with the music, and not so much with the cover, which perhaps looks a bit too much like a Dark Vinyl release (or maybe I was into logo jacking back then? - who knows). Nicolas, still a good friend, has a blog when you can download this beauty.
VERDER (CD - 1994)
Harsh Dept Abyss 002
 Another record not to be posted is this one, since I posted both shows before. This is one I love very much also. Two entirely different concerts, the noise of Boston versus the quietness of Pitssburgh and a great cover by Kit Blake.
LIVE USA (LP - 1995)
RRRecords RRRecords, SSS Productions RRR 090, SSS 48

I spoke before of the [Not] Lost release, time to tell more. The first version was a single CDR of tracks that were, for whatever reason never released and then later on I compiled a 4CDR set with more tracks. I then had left Staalplaat and thus my Bake Records label. I believe both are out of print, but one day they will show as a paid download.
[NOT] LOST (1) (CDR – 2002)
Bake Records 055
[NOT] LOST (4CDR - 2005)
Audiobot BOT 101
Which is (paid downloads to generate some needed cash!) what I intend to do with following two releases. The first being a feedback release, one of the loudest I ever did. It also uses Korg Ms-20 and contact microphones and no input mixer.
MAGNETIC DIGITAL RESPONSE (CD-R - 1998 - edition of 96 copies)
Xerxes ES 96
(one track is a remix of the track that appeared on Pure Power Picnic)

And this one, which is more music recorded with Korg synthesizer. Originally intended to be a LP by Ten Bob's Swerver, but the label disappeared before this was released.
5IVE (CDR – 1999)
Bake Records 019
For this one I lost the master - I think. One side was re-released on 'The Use Of Recycling'. A nice package!
Two Stringquartets For Amplified Toy Guitar (c15)
Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers
And also for this one I lost the master, so nothing to download. I received the material from a group called Thread, of whom I no longer remember anything.
THREADMENTS (7" - september 1996)
Self Abuse SR 12
(using sound material from Thread)

And finally this master also disappeared, it seems (unless it shows up one day, but that goes for all things lost and mentioned here). A sort me doing Henri Chopin vocal sound poetry noise! One could assume it was never proper released: its not on discogs!
Nihilistic Recordings
But there is something to download, this pretty rare lathe cut 8" on Meeuw (their only 8"). All the sound material was by Merzbow, and I did a remix of that. More on collaborations in the next few days. The liner notes are a joke! Download has both sides into one track.
LUISTEREN NAAR... (8" - september 1996 - edition of 50 copies)
Meeuw Muzak 004


Now available. 10 euros postage paid. Paypal: info [at] kormplastics [dot] nl

25 Years Of Kapotte Muziek
Korm Plastics kp 3039
CD only - 200 copies
barcode 7 53907 98952 6

2009-2010 sees the celebration of twenty years of Kapotte Muziek, the first musical project of Frans de Waard. Expanded in 1993 with members Peter Duimelinks and in 1995 Roel Meelkop, this trio explores the world of micro electro-acoustic music, playing on waste found on the streets and with a fine addition of field recordings. Before 1993 Kapotte Muziek was largely known as a player in the field of industrial music and musique concrete. To celebrate their 25th anniversary they staged two nights, one at Extrapool in Nijmegen and one at Occi in Amsterdam and asked long term friends to pay hommage. This CD is a compilation of 'edited highlights' from both nights, displaying a variety of interests, old and new:

Radboud Mens offers a piece of drone music using 'three sinewave guitars', DMDN, as guest DJ present, played old and new tapes and vinyl from the past twenty five years of Kapotte Muziek in a striking collage of industrial sounds. Howard Stelzer, known for his extensive use of cassettes, restricted solely to cassettes from the past, while Jos Smolders showed up with his laptop and reel-to-reel machine to incorporate even dance music like moves. Asra and Asmus Tietchens, as well as Kapotte Muziek, use detailled improvisation on a variety of junkyard instrumentation and real instruments. An excellent compilation showing a true love of sound exploration by all involved.

Overal design for posters and CD by Redbol.

Monday, September 6, 2010


A few more things that are not available for free download. These can all be bought through the usual mp3 sites.

This is our first release as a trio. Peter, Roel and me rehearsed a bit and from several hours of recordings we compiled this 17+ minute piece. The release had 99 individual tracks, the download (and CDR repress also still available) is only one track.
ADD (3" CD - 1995)
Staalplaat STCD 007

This one and the next were real CDs, and both can be seen as a round off of older material.
Red Stream RSR 0110
Intransitive Recordings INT 004

The very final studio release by Kapotte Muziek is this one. After that the name is for the live trio only. First it was released by Fencing Flatworm, but that label quickly stopped after that. Since I liked the release a lot, I gave it to Retinascan who did, in my opinion, a better cover. They still have copies for sale.
Fencing Flatworm ff028
Retina Scan re050

Sunday, September 5, 2010


This might be the final look at various compilations.

First there is this one, which is compiled by my old friend Peter Zincken, who is always a bit sex obsessed, dealing with the penis. My piece is called 'Penis Ruis' and contains feedback. Nothing to download as there are still plans to release this as a CD, which will include the Kapotte Muziek piece. I also had a hand on the track by Meeuw, called 'Berelul', which he recorded at my place.
'Penis Ruis (Live 30/01/1997) on Penus Rectus (3xc90 - 1997)
New Noise
And speaking of Meeuw, he releases only 7"s on his Meeuw Muzak label, but did two 10" releases and one 8" (more on that later). One 10" is called 'Vage Geluiden In Stereo', with short one minute tracks.
'Re-betika' on Vage Geluiden In Stereo (10" - Meeuw Muzak mm 007, 1997)

A cover of Throbbing Gristle! Like they put 'United' on 'D.O.A.' in a super fast mood, I took 'Cease To Exist' from 'Second Annual Report' and sped it up until a one track.
'Cease To Exist' on We Hate You: A Small Tribute to Throbbing Gristle (CD + 7", Jazzassin Records Jazz 006, 1997)

For our 2002 Kapotte Muziek US tour, Boxmedia released a compilation CD 'April' with pieces by Goem, Roel Meelkop, Howard Stelzer/Jason Talbot, Kapotte Muziek, Freiband and Shifts.
'Kawasaki' on April (CD - 2002 BOXmedia boxcd 017, 2002)

Antenne Records, that great shop in Tilburg, run by DMDN, released a compilation 7" with all the usual suspects, and the first 100 copies had a compilation CDR, which had a Kapotte Muziek track, an edit of our Rotterdam concert.
'Rotterdam' (CDR with 7" Dutch Fidelity, Antenna Records AN01, 2002)

And back to Peter Zincken, who released a 3 CDR 'Nedernoise', which has a lot of great dutch noise artists, where I have a cut up version of the first version of 'Enhanced Room Acoustic'.
'Enhanced Room Acoustic' on Vernederland: Nedernoise (3CDR by Stront Tapes, 2009)

My notes also indicate a piece I did for Sasha Karminski, I:Wound. But I lost all further details on this. I do remember it was kind of remix.

download some of these Kapotte Muziek pieces

Saturday, September 4, 2010


So I forgot something in June. On June the 1st 1987 I did a second installment of a xerox art at Parkzicht in Rotterdam. My diary says: "The second copy-art installation was planned for that evening (party of the Art-Academie of Rotterdam), but as we were not allowed to use any paper in the building, and outside the wind was to hard, this installation did not really appeared. Music that was made for this evening is later on used as Frag/Ele/Ment (Kapot Produkt 00Q). Kapotte Muziek did join however Thu 20 (also performing that night) on vocals in the last piece they played that evening (this piece is released on Harsh Ears Now!! 5 by Midas Tapes)."
Frag/Ele/Ment mentioned here was released in September 1987. A carton archive box, filled with 75 xeroxes, 20 slides and a one sided c60 tape. The idea was that anybody who bought one could use these in any form (attached to the wall, boxes, objects) and make his own installation. Some actually did, but I must admit I seen very few documentation. I used the xeroxes earlier this year when I did a display at Extrapool of record and tape covers as a background. The download contains the music and the booklet, not the xeroxes or the slides.
Kapot Produkt 00Q: FRAG/ELE/MENT (Audiovisual installation: c60, 75 xerxoxes, 20 slides, users guide in a carton box - Sept.1987 - ed. of 22 copies)
Korm Plastics kp 787
(Note: seperate elements are not for sale)
Kapotte Muziek Unit 02: Visual display, electronics, concept and recording

Friday, September 3, 2010


So I was having a look at Discogs yesterday and will devote some posts to stuff mentioned there, just to avoid questions about them.

First of all that needs to mentioned is the series 'Kapotte Muziek by…'. Initiated following a talk with Ralf Wehwosky, who came to our concert in Kaiserslautern (08-02-1997) and subsequently grew into a nice series of 7"s and later CDs. All of which are based on Kapotte Muziek concerts, except Toshiya tsunoda, which was based on 'Vier Stukken'. One was never released, by DMDN, although it might still happen in the future. None of this is available for download, but here is something to see & buy even:

Illusion Of Safety
Lasse Marhaug
Leif Elggren
kp 8098 DMDN - Kapotte Muziek by... 7" (not released)
Radboud Mens
Asmus Tietchens
Stephan Mathieu
Toshiya Tsunoda
Thurston Moore
Richard Chartier/Boca Raton
Peter Rehberg

A final episode, by Jim O'Rourke, should still be in the works!

Also released was 'Kapotte Muziek by… Five Elements Music' on Moving Furniture Records

Then I saw a whole bunch of stuff which apparently have some relation with Kapotte Muziek, but I have no idea, as I was never send a copy:

12/October/1989 (Cass, Mixed, C60) Psychic Rally 1989
11-89/12-89 (2xCass, Mixed, C60) Psychic Rally 1990
3-90 (Cass, Mixed, C60) Psychic Rally 1990
Rough Music: The Hands To Library (DVDr, DVD-D + CDr, CD-ROM) AARC 2006
Nothing Short Of A Total War (2xCass, C90) Information Aggression... Lebensborn
Two Dead Guys (CDr, Album) Banned Productions
Twenty Five (CDr, Mixed) Continuum Bruits De Fond 2001
Demi-Quadrennial (Cass) Untitled Host-Age
Noise War Vol.2 (Cass, Unofficial) Disconnect Open Wound
Split (Cass, C90) Wachsender Prozess 1996

and this one I have, but won't post:
Untitled (CDr, Ltd, Promo, Mixed) Antenne 2010

and of course I'm on this one, but no idea where I am or what it was:
Soun - An Anonymous And Random Compilation / Composition (7", S/Sided, Ltd) Gameboy Records

Thursday, September 2, 2010


A round up of all compilations which were released in September and which I found on the internet:

A true oddity:  Our track is divided into small 'links' which are put between every other tracks. The music from the other bands is normal garage/rock music. We submitted 1 visual, but we have never seen a booklet to this tape.
Kapot Produkt 38: 'Links' on Support Your Local Underdogs (c60 - Sept 1986)
Zsbrodj Tapes 001

Following the 'massive' success of the first appearance on this series, I asked Jacques van Bussel (then from Midas Tapes, now of the excellent Antenne Records in Tilburg) for some sound and some money. I added some sounds from Christian and its a pretty atypical Kapotte Muziek track.
Kapot Produkt 00B: 'Swing Sexie Sadie' on Contactdisc 5 (Album - Sept.1987)
Stichting Stopcontact cd 25
Kapotte Muziek Unit 01: Synth
Kapotte Muziek Unit 02: Editing
Kapotte Muziek Unit 05: Rhythm and noise

An early version of speeding up tapes by hand, leading to various works.
Kapot Produkt 00K: 'Collage Nr.1' on Durchsnittsanfall 1 & 2 (2xc60 - sept.1987 ed. of 250 copies)
Prion Tapes pr 5-6
(Booklet with one visual from Kapotte Muziek)
Kapotte Muziek Unit 02: Electronics, concept and recording

Again, nothing political here, I just used some material from the International communist hymn. I never ever was even remotely interested in communism, which is the death of the open society (its enemy to be precise). Maybe that's what I intended. I am not sure if I knew who Karl Popper was in 1988, maybe I did.
Kapot Produkt 00P: 'Proletarier' on Decline Vol.1 (c46 - Sept. 1988 - ed. of 100 copies)
Discipline Products dp 08

The link for the download has been removed, because there was talk (see comments) for a CD re-issue, but I have no idea if that was done. My track later re-appeared on 'The Malevolent Ear'.
'Disconnect' on Noise War (double c90 - 1993)
Mother Savage Noise Productions MS 08

A strange compilation with audience reponses to concerts. My piece is built from cheers from, I believe, all our US shows.
'Appreciation' on V.A. Lives (c50 - 1993)
IR Datum Supplies 1993

As said a few days ago, something went wrong with the two parts of 'The Body In Decay', this cassette used the same version as on the Minus Habens CD. The correct version is to be found on '[Not] Lost', more about that later.
'The Body In Decay Part 2' on Pathological Resonance (C60 - 1995)
Anomalous Records
(by labels' mistake this track is the same as 'The Body In Decay Part 1')

The only time I contributed something to a compilation released on DAT only, two hours of noise. Not on discogs, strangely enough. It has music by Kazumoto Endo, Dachise, Pain Jerk, Origami Replika, X-Ray [Porno], Test Tube Kid & Din, Cry Havoc, Aube, Government Alpha, MSBR and Lasse Mahaug. My piece is entirely no input mixer feedback. Since you can't find, just my track for download
- 'Magnetic Digital Response' on Pure Power Picnic (DAT - 1997)
Tidal Wave Recycling TWR 016


This tape, with four tracks, contains field recordings made at the local railway station, cut down to various loops and uses full force repitition. A typical production of that time.
Kapot Produkt 0AL: BAHNHOF (c46 - sept. 1988)
Harsh Reality Music hr 79

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Starting to round up a few things here, here is some more stuff lost, or oherwise unavailable for this blog.

First there is the Kapotte Muziek track to this one, a 100 lockgroove compilation. I barerly remember which one it is when I play this 7", and I definetly don't have a back up on some master tape somewhere. I liked this one and the RRR 500, which has 500 lockgrooves, but when recently someone mentioned there is also now a 1000 lockgroove record, I must admit I was not interested at all. I am not a DJ or a 'musician' who use lockgrooves. I think I rather to do the difficult and create loops myself, I need them.
Kapot produkt OCF: Untitled Cut on RRR 100 (7" - 1992)

I just looked this one up on discogs, looked at the image and I am pretty sure I never saw this one, or maybe I must have misplaced this one. I just copied my title from discogs, which vaguely sounds familiar (no doubt some reference to Small Cruel Party)
Kapot Produkt OCG: 'I Do Believe In A Pen' on Acousticide (c60 - 1993)

Now this one was released, I do have a copy, but not in a digital format (not even from the label's website). This is a remix of Clop Neplat, a.k.a. Mads Staff Jensen.
'Klop Lo-Res Mix' on Clop Neplat (2LP - 1998 - edition of 200 copies)
Some Place Else ham 011

And also this one I no longer have a digital copy of, which is a pity. I seem to remember I put the master on a cassette actually for this. A 7" with Hands To, dealing with positive and negative sounds influencing the body or something like that.
Kapot Produkt ORF: Korperlaute (7" - 1990 - Edition of 100 copies)
Korm Plastics kp 2890
(other side by Hands To)
(comes with an insert)

I wrote about the next story quite a lot, unfortunately. A.I.P.R. was a German label who asked me for a 7", which I gave him. This guy who released, phoned and said when he received the pressing, something was wrong: black vinyl, white label as opposed to white vinyl, black label. He was going to repressed this, and I asked him to mail me a wrong one anyway. Needless to say he never did. Bernard Gunther saw a copy of whatever version of this 7" for sale in a shop in Koblenz, and I asked him to buy one for me. I believe he wasn't bothered at all. I don't think he likes me.

The only time I ever submitted something to a video compilation was this one: a static six image of a skull with the b-side of 'Weapons Of Musick' as its background. Christian and I did this when we were both stuyding to become teachers in the Audio Visual dept of our school. Not an ikon of cinema.
Kapot Video Produkt 00A: 'Weapons Of Musick' on Songs From The Lost
Generation (E60 - 1989)
De Koude Oorlog SZV 0004