Thursday, September 9, 2010


Another lesson learned from Factory Records was to branch out, so there has been one release as Korm Plastics USA (led by Jeff Surak of Watergate Tapes then) but the most active was the Canadian branch, run by Al Lincoln Roy of Not Half and Industry Therapy Unit. This is the complete catalogue, as Discogs lists only one release (and wrong at that)

KPC 001 Kapotte Muziek - Frozen Environment c15
KPC 002 Core - Kernen c45
KPC 003 Kapotte Muziek - Al Lincoln Roy's Birthday Tape c30
KPC 004 Not Half - The Presence Of Music
KPC 005 Odal & Kapotte Muziek - Water & Fire
KPC 006 John Hudak & Frans de Waard - … In The Netherlands c46
KPC 007 Core - Frans de Waard's 25th

Core is was a collaborative effort between Not Half and Kapotte Muziek. In today's download you will find all of these releases, except KPC 001 which was posted before and KPC 005 side A, part of the Blossoming Noise 10 cassette set; side B is included. KPC 003 and KPC 007 were released in an edition of 2 copies, so true rarities. The others were editions of 50 copies. I hope Not Half and John Hudak don't mind putting their work in here. I have no cover for KPC 007: it got lost, I think when releasing these on CDR.

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