Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Another one of those typical 80s compilation cassettes with a thematic approach. This one is 'death' - not very cheerful days I guess. I recited a text over music that is quite similar to the 'Real Time Music' b-side. Text found in Force Mental about the decaying of corpses.
Kapot Produkt 00Z: 'Doodsstrijd/Obituary' on The Death Project Volume One (c60 - March 1988 - Ed. of 50 copies)
Lor Teeps 10
(Booklet comes with 1 visual from Kapotte Muziek)
Kapotte Muziek Unit 02: Concept, Recording (live 04/01/1988)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Besides many reworks of the Assemblage 7"s, I also reworked 'Anathesia' a lot into various releases. One was 'Lauter', originally a C45 cassette for Harsh Dept, later to become Absurd, run by that lovely lunatic Nicolas Malevitsis. Later on he asked me to re-issue this as a LP, which didn't happen, but instead, with a long extra track as a CDR. That can be found here.
Kapot Produkt OBS: LAUTER (c45 - March 1992 - edition of 200 copies)
Harsh Dept harsh 002
LAUTER (CDR - April 1999 - Edition of 199 copies)
Absurd CDR 02

Monday, March 29, 2010


And here's one I forgot to post last month. A rather obscure compilation by Marks Schwill's Schutt Und Asche label. Schwill used to live around my 'corner' in Germany and would drop by on saturday's morning at my house for a chat. This particular compilation had some environmental touch to it, although I doubt it made any money for Greenpeace. I recorded my piece along a new motorway just outside of Nijmegen, near where my parents lived.
Kapot Produkt 49: 'Vorwarts' on Motorway (c30 - Feb 1987)
Schutt Und Asche (no
(Booklet with one visual from Kapotte Muziek)

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Yes, that's right. October 14th 2004. How it escaped me I'm not sure when it was really October I don't know. But yesterday I found my old sampler and fondly remembered how I used it for this concert, and then realized I never posted this. The location was the beautiful Grasland studio on an evening organised by the lovely hack Peter Bruyn, and he wanted me solo, but not on laptop but as Kapotte Muziek. So I took my contact microphones, CD's and the old sampler and headed out to Haarlem on the day of some train strike. Kees van Huuksloot kindly offered to bring me in his car. A very nice evening, coincidently with the 20th anniversary of Kapotte Muziek. Players was: Frans de Waard. Gig 91 Studio Grasland, Haarlem, The Netherlands

Thursday, March 25, 2010


One day I got a phone call from Nico Selen, from IF Records, which was not a rare thing. I organised for his label the 'Motop 1' LP and later on 'Motop 2' CD. He was one of those persons who phoned a lot in the late 80s. But that night he started talking about how happy he was with the sales of the 'Motop 1' LP, and that there was some profit and whether he was now considering to do a LP by one person. I was expecting he was asking me to do a split LP with Kapotte Muziek on one side and one of his projects on the other side. I was amazed when he proposed to do an entire LP of Kapotte Muziek. I decided it should be an overview of earlier cassette works. You can't believe how proud I was when it came out, complete with an insert explaining each track. I went to Christian Nijs, who by then moved out of my sight but I still knew where he lived, to give him a copy since it included also some of his work. He played it while I was there, and was slightly bemused, saying 'I can't remember any of this'. It was more or less the last time I saw until 1999 when I bumped into him at the supermarket. Still one that deserves a CD release. I happen to know that the version here is a remastered version by Jos Smolders. Excellent job there - you too should hire him for your mastering.

Kapot Produkt ORE: HISTORY IS WHAT WAS (12" - March 1990 - 14 Tracks - Edition of 220 copies)
IF Records 1212
(Comes with an insert)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


A few years after the already posted concert from Stockholm, there was a double CD release documenting the festival. It seems still available!
'Stockholm' on Nature Is Perverse (2CD - march 2000)
Fylkingen Records FYCD 1017

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Another version of 'Audio Plagio' was released on Mjolnir, a rather 'gothic' compilation the way it looks now. The subtitle was 'Bienenkongin', which of course means Beequeen. No doubt I used some loops which were also part of the very first phase of Beequeen's music. Get it here
Kapot Produkt 0AY: 'Audio Plagio ' on Mjolnir (2xc60 - 1990)
Cthulhu Records

Friday, March 19, 2010


A compilation tape released by Egmondse Klank Op-Sessie, well actually five tapes, showcasing a lot of interesting experimental groups from The Netherlands. There are no tracks mentioned on the cover, but my piece was the first in the series of pieces called 'Audio Plagio'. The whole series can be found here.
Kapot Produkt 0AN: Untitled Cut on The Eject Project Part 5 (c60 - march 1989)
E.K.O. 31
(Titel must have been 'Audio Plagio 1')

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The final night of this small tour was the best night, in the jazz club Alluvium in Oldenburg. Attenttive audience, a very quiet set by us plus we played an almost twenty piece with Raumerkundigung. Both are included in this download, the collaborative piece was taken from a cassette recording. Players were: Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop and Frans de Waard. Gig 46 16-03-1997 Alluvium, Oldenburg, Germany

Monday, March 15, 2010


The next day we drove back into Germany, to Hannover to play at the famous Silke Arp Bricht club. I don't recall why it was famous, other than that it existed since a long time. Somebody talked the entire way very loudly through our music, but then was all ears when Raumerkundigung played. Odd, to say the least. Players were: Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop and Frans de Waard. Gig 45 15-03-1997 Silke Arp Bricht, Hannover, Germany

Sunday, March 14, 2010


On this day we embarked on a small tour into the North of Germany together with Raumerkundigung (being Robert Steinberger of Disaster Area mailorder and Lutz Pruditsch of Der Pilz and later of Tarkatak). The first port of call, literally, was the famous Stubnitz boat in Rostock. My first visit to their floating space. For whatever reason the concert was not in the boat itself but in the port harbour building. Red pluche couches making this an unlikely space. The people who showed stayed mainly at the bar and at one point started to imitate our music with their mouth. It was all a bit silly. Not our finest half hour. Raumerkundigung were more music, a bit noise and drone, and quite good. Players were: Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop and Frans de Waard. Gig 44 14-03-1997 MS Stubnitz, Rostock, Germany

Friday, March 12, 2010


Some kind of event organised by the art academy of Antwerpen, Belgium, where were announced as 'industrial experimental cultproject' (see flyer above), together with Stratosphere, of whom I remember nothing. The building had some nice squeaky doors which we taped in the afternoon and that sound started the concert. Not that you will hear it now, since this will be part of the 10 cassette box by Blossoming Noise. Players: Frans de Waard, Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop. Gig 30 12-03-1996 HPA, Antwerpen, Belgium
But let me use this opportunity to give some insight in that forthcoming 10 cassette box, so now what its like and what won't be posted here. Tape one will have two tapes from 1986: 'Weapons Of Musick' and 'Aircraft'. The second one has two tapes from 1992: 'Vier Stukken' and 'Murmer'. Tape three has vinyl works from 1989-1996, being 'Intonation', a split with Asod Dvi (previous unreleased), 'Real Time Music', side B of the never released 7" with Agencement, the KM side of the split with Grunt and 'Sind'. Tape four has the collaboration with The Grey Wolves on one side and Vidna Obmana on the other side, both previously released Death Pact Tapes. Tape five will have a whole bunch of compilation tracks: from a 7' by Nuthouse (previously unreleased), Beast 666 (previously unreleased), Ache Records (previously unreleased), SEI Records (previously unreleased), Epitapes, Sicktone Records, Discipline Products, Broken Flag (previously unreleased), Suitcase Recordings, Vandal Cassettes, Honeymoon Productions, Empty Records, Freedom From (previously unreleased), Independent Friends. Tape six has one side the 'Anathesia' release, and on the other a rework of that which was released by Bake Records in a private edition of 2. Tape seven has the first two concerts (from 1986 and 1987), tape eight two concerts from 1993(May 8 1993 at Gargoyle Mecanique, New York, USA and May 18 1993 at Al's Bar, Los Angeles). Tape nine tape 9 two concerts (March 12 1996 at HPA, Antwerpen, Belgium and May 25 1997 at Extrapool, Nijmegen, The Netherlands) and tape ten (February 18 2005 at Tent, Rotterdam, The Netherlands and November 5 2009 at Maakhaven, Den Haag, The Netherlands).
Plus Lunhare in Italy will release a double CDR with the complete Assemblage story. The Kapotte Muziek tracks from the 7", plus the three releases that came from that:
Kapot Produkt OCB: AS SMEGA BEL (c30 - July 1992 - limited edition of 50 copies)
Tapes For Masses TFM 002
CLYISCSERT (C45 - 1993)
Old Europa Cafe
Kapot Produkt OBI: AGES BE ALMS (c46 - 1991)
Tragic Figures TF
(comes with a booklet from Kapotte Muziek)
plus a 2010 remix by Freiband.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Sometimes people ask me why I dislike Amsterdam. Here is one of my favorite stories: before this gig we were invited to eat in the restaurant of this Smart Space and after dinner I wanted to smoke a small cigar. A waiter come to me, and said it wasn't allowed. I pointed to the table next to us where people were smoking cigarettes, and the waiter said it was something different. The concert itself was in a small theatre like space. Remko Scha was in the audience, but I didn't recognize him (despite doing an interview with him in the early 90s). Martijn Tellinga, then working as Boca Raton, reworked this concert and was released on the split CD with Richard Chartier. Still available
Players: Frans de Waard, Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop. Gig 84 11-03-2003 Smart Space, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I know it sounds like a masterplan but it isn't. Yesterday a solo cassette from me, and a day later, in the same year, one from Christian. Perhaps the only one he recorded as Kapotte Muziek. Quirky rhythms. I actually always loved this release. It was released by Disabuse Transmissions, Christian's short lived label, all of the releases can be downloaded here. It also includes a compilation with a Kapotte Muziek track. A slightly different version of the first two tracks can be found here. Visual for that above.
Kapot Produkt 24: ROCK N ROLL (c30 - 6/3/1986 - edition of 15 copies)
Disabuse Transmissions dt 2
Kapot Produkt 25: 'Mutually Assured Destruction' on Oh No Not Another Compilation (Ontwaakt !) (c30 - 3/4/1986 - ed. of 123 copies)
Disabuse Transmissions dt 4
Kapot Produkt 39: 'Rock N Roll' on Seventh Dimension Quasette 5 (c60 - May 1987)
Zimbo Tapes zimbo 15
(First edition of 7 copies as a serie of 7 tapes. The edition that is for sale is limited to 33 copies)

Friday, March 5, 2010


A pretty much early solo cassette, perhaps influenced by Boyd Rice, working with loops of records, the lock grooves you'll find at the end of some. I forgot which ones I used. Perhaps you could see this as a early interest that later developed into the Goem concept?
Kapot Produkt 34: SOUNDWAVES ONE TO FOUR (c30 - 5/3/1986 - ed. of 100 copies)
Korm Plastics KP 16