Friday, September 3, 2010


So I was having a look at Discogs yesterday and will devote some posts to stuff mentioned there, just to avoid questions about them.

First of all that needs to mentioned is the series 'Kapotte Muziek by…'. Initiated following a talk with Ralf Wehwosky, who came to our concert in Kaiserslautern (08-02-1997) and subsequently grew into a nice series of 7"s and later CDs. All of which are based on Kapotte Muziek concerts, except Toshiya tsunoda, which was based on 'Vier Stukken'. One was never released, by DMDN, although it might still happen in the future. None of this is available for download, but here is something to see & buy even:

Illusion Of Safety
Lasse Marhaug
Leif Elggren
kp 8098 DMDN - Kapotte Muziek by... 7" (not released)
Radboud Mens
Asmus Tietchens
Stephan Mathieu
Toshiya Tsunoda
Thurston Moore
Richard Chartier/Boca Raton
Peter Rehberg

A final episode, by Jim O'Rourke, should still be in the works!

Also released was 'Kapotte Muziek by… Five Elements Music' on Moving Furniture Records

Then I saw a whole bunch of stuff which apparently have some relation with Kapotte Muziek, but I have no idea, as I was never send a copy:

12/October/1989 (Cass, Mixed, C60) Psychic Rally 1989
11-89/12-89 (2xCass, Mixed, C60) Psychic Rally 1990
3-90 (Cass, Mixed, C60) Psychic Rally 1990
Rough Music: The Hands To Library (DVDr, DVD-D + CDr, CD-ROM) AARC 2006
Nothing Short Of A Total War (2xCass, C90) Information Aggression... Lebensborn
Two Dead Guys (CDr, Album) Banned Productions
Twenty Five (CDr, Mixed) Continuum Bruits De Fond 2001
Demi-Quadrennial (Cass) Untitled Host-Age
Noise War Vol.2 (Cass, Unofficial) Disconnect Open Wound
Split (Cass, C90) Wachsender Prozess 1996

and this one I have, but won't post:
Untitled (CDr, Ltd, Promo, Mixed) Antenne 2010

and of course I'm on this one, but no idea where I am or what it was:
Soun - An Anonymous And Random Compilation / Composition (7", S/Sided, Ltd) Gameboy Records

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