Sunday, September 5, 2010


This might be the final look at various compilations.

First there is this one, which is compiled by my old friend Peter Zincken, who is always a bit sex obsessed, dealing with the penis. My piece is called 'Penis Ruis' and contains feedback. Nothing to download as there are still plans to release this as a CD, which will include the Kapotte Muziek piece. I also had a hand on the track by Meeuw, called 'Berelul', which he recorded at my place.
'Penis Ruis (Live 30/01/1997) on Penus Rectus (3xc90 - 1997)
New Noise
And speaking of Meeuw, he releases only 7"s on his Meeuw Muzak label, but did two 10" releases and one 8" (more on that later). One 10" is called 'Vage Geluiden In Stereo', with short one minute tracks.
'Re-betika' on Vage Geluiden In Stereo (10" - Meeuw Muzak mm 007, 1997)

A cover of Throbbing Gristle! Like they put 'United' on 'D.O.A.' in a super fast mood, I took 'Cease To Exist' from 'Second Annual Report' and sped it up until a one track.
'Cease To Exist' on We Hate You: A Small Tribute to Throbbing Gristle (CD + 7", Jazzassin Records Jazz 006, 1997)

For our 2002 Kapotte Muziek US tour, Boxmedia released a compilation CD 'April' with pieces by Goem, Roel Meelkop, Howard Stelzer/Jason Talbot, Kapotte Muziek, Freiband and Shifts.
'Kawasaki' on April (CD - 2002 BOXmedia boxcd 017, 2002)

Antenne Records, that great shop in Tilburg, run by DMDN, released a compilation 7" with all the usual suspects, and the first 100 copies had a compilation CDR, which had a Kapotte Muziek track, an edit of our Rotterdam concert.
'Rotterdam' (CDR with 7" Dutch Fidelity, Antenna Records AN01, 2002)

And back to Peter Zincken, who released a 3 CDR 'Nedernoise', which has a lot of great dutch noise artists, where I have a cut up version of the first version of 'Enhanced Room Acoustic'.
'Enhanced Room Acoustic' on Vernederland: Nedernoise (3CDR by Stront Tapes, 2009)

My notes also indicate a piece I did for Sasha Karminski, I:Wound. But I lost all further details on this. I do remember it was kind of remix.

download some of these Kapotte Muziek pieces

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