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A round up of all compilations which were released in September and which I found on the internet:

A true oddity:  Our track is divided into small 'links' which are put between every other tracks. The music from the other bands is normal garage/rock music. We submitted 1 visual, but we have never seen a booklet to this tape.
Kapot Produkt 38: 'Links' on Support Your Local Underdogs (c60 - Sept 1986)
Zsbrodj Tapes 001

Following the 'massive' success of the first appearance on this series, I asked Jacques van Bussel (then from Midas Tapes, now of the excellent Antenne Records in Tilburg) for some sound and some money. I added some sounds from Christian and its a pretty atypical Kapotte Muziek track.
Kapot Produkt 00B: 'Swing Sexie Sadie' on Contactdisc 5 (Album - Sept.1987)
Stichting Stopcontact cd 25
Kapotte Muziek Unit 01: Synth
Kapotte Muziek Unit 02: Editing
Kapotte Muziek Unit 05: Rhythm and noise

An early version of speeding up tapes by hand, leading to various works.
Kapot Produkt 00K: 'Collage Nr.1' on Durchsnittsanfall 1 & 2 (2xc60 - sept.1987 ed. of 250 copies)
Prion Tapes pr 5-6
(Booklet with one visual from Kapotte Muziek)
Kapotte Muziek Unit 02: Electronics, concept and recording

Again, nothing political here, I just used some material from the International communist hymn. I never ever was even remotely interested in communism, which is the death of the open society (its enemy to be precise). Maybe that's what I intended. I am not sure if I knew who Karl Popper was in 1988, maybe I did.
Kapot Produkt 00P: 'Proletarier' on Decline Vol.1 (c46 - Sept. 1988 - ed. of 100 copies)
Discipline Products dp 08

The link for the download has been removed, because there was talk (see comments) for a CD re-issue, but I have no idea if that was done. My track later re-appeared on 'The Malevolent Ear'.
'Disconnect' on Noise War (double c90 - 1993)
Mother Savage Noise Productions MS 08

A strange compilation with audience reponses to concerts. My piece is built from cheers from, I believe, all our US shows.
'Appreciation' on V.A. Lives (c50 - 1993)
IR Datum Supplies 1993

As said a few days ago, something went wrong with the two parts of 'The Body In Decay', this cassette used the same version as on the Minus Habens CD. The correct version is to be found on '[Not] Lost', more about that later.
'The Body In Decay Part 2' on Pathological Resonance (C60 - 1995)
Anomalous Records
(by labels' mistake this track is the same as 'The Body In Decay Part 1')

The only time I contributed something to a compilation released on DAT only, two hours of noise. Not on discogs, strangely enough. It has music by Kazumoto Endo, Dachise, Pain Jerk, Origami Replika, X-Ray [Porno], Test Tube Kid & Din, Cry Havoc, Aube, Government Alpha, MSBR and Lasse Mahaug. My piece is entirely no input mixer feedback. Since you can't find, just my track for download
- 'Magnetic Digital Response' on Pure Power Picnic (DAT - 1997)
Tidal Wave Recycling TWR 016

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