Thursday, December 31, 2009


This might very well the first compilation CD with a Kapotte Muziek track on it. Motop was released by IF Records, from the man behind ORDUC, Nico Selen (who just released a great new LP actually). I organised both Motop 1 (LP) and Motop 2 (CD). The idea was simple: you pay a certain amount of money for which you could send a certain amount of time on the LP/CD. Here I delivered a track of the then ongoing works I did with Merzbow (which I actually hope to release on a CD set one day). Noteworthy, but not necessarily Kapotte Muziek related, is that the S.Core track is not by him, by accident is a loop used by Beequeen. The piece by Wasp King is clearly a remix of Beequeen's cassette 'Mappa Mundi', although have never figured out who Wasp King is. The CD can be found here
Kapot Produkt OBO: "Speedback Variation Nr.1" on Motop 2 (CD - Dec. 1991)
IF Records IFR 0-10016-2
(Booklet with 1 visual)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Another compilation. Like with the Claustrophobia compilation I have no idea anymore what kind of process was used here or why I called these like that. I found it here
Kapot Produkt 0AO: 'The Process 3' on Disturbances (c90 - dec 1988)
Dendrite Tapes dt 11

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The day after Hamburg we drove from Hamburg to Munster, to play in a likewise nice play (but different) Cuba. Here we played with Frank Bretschneider and some flutist. I tried to get a recording of this for Frank to do a 'Kapotte Muziek by...' release, but its not to be found. I asked the organiser Till Kniola the name of the flutist but he couldn't remember. I do remember that we played with him (her? even?) a short improvisation. Players: Frans de Waard, Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop. Gig 61 Cuba, Munster, Germany


Also a December release is 'Utitlies', the second full length LP by Kapotte Muziek. It was released by Petri Supplies, the label of Abo, the man of Yeast Culture. An excellent packaging he created. It was pressed on orange vinyl. For this album, the first after the period of music I did with Christian Nijs and I decided to do a LP with just collaborations, with musical material supplied by: Emil Beaulieau, Yeast Culture, Recycled Body Programm, Not To, Odal, blackhumour, SBOTHI, Asmus Tietchens, Merzbow, Honeymoon Productions, De Fabriek. I am still quite proud of this record, but that's why I'm not sharing it: I intend to release a double CD of both the first two albums and early vinyl pieces.
Kapot Produkt ORG: UTILITIES (12" - Dec. 1990 - 12 Tracks - Edition of 400 copies)
Petri Supplies


I realized I should have posted this a few days ago, but while transferring old Kapotte Muziek works to my computer I found three tracks from 1989, which I had sent to RRRecords for some Christmas compilation, but which were never released. So I released my own little christmas album this year, with these three tracks, plus a Beequeen piece from 1997 and a Freiband piece from 2001. You can buy one here. The cheesy title has been suggested by Freek Kinkelaar

Monday, December 28, 2009


This is one of those things I don't seem to remember much about. The Hörbar is a nice place inside the B-movie, a small cinema in Hamburg. No doubt Asmus Tietchens was there, since he later did a 'Kapotte Muziek by...' 7" for me. I don't recall who else played that evening. A pretty silent concert. Players: Frans de Waard, Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop. Gig 60 Horbar, Hamburg, Germany

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Late one night I liked to listen to the radio and I taped this thirteen minute segment, which I copied in an edition of 10 copies with 'handpainted' cover. I think I may have planned more volumes with raw sounds. In those very early days Kapotte Muziek was mainly about use and re-use sounds in various combinations. I gave the other nine copies of 'Raw Sounds Vol.1' away and people used them. In 1987 I released a compilation with those pieces as Death Pact International 'Terror Leads To Better Days' (named after a line from a Portion Control song, in case anyway was wondering). You could still use these sounds of course.
Kapot Produkt 4: RAW SOUNDS VOL.1 (13 minute tape - 27/12/1984 - ed.
of 10 copies)
Kapotte Tapes KT 001
(Note: These ten copies where given away to ten groups (including Kapotte Muziek) in order that these groups could use this tape as a backing tape to their own music. 9 Contributions where made, and released as Death Pact International - Terror Leads To Better Days (Korm Plastics KP 23 - April 1987 - edition of 23 copies) which were sent out again to labels to have it released themselves in different

Saturday, December 26, 2009


So the reel to reel my father had started to make strange sounds and broke down shortly after. Just as with 'Real Time Music' I rushed out to tape these sounds and made this tape. It's not a particular great tape but this history has to be complete, so the weaker moments are also here. The cover shown here is in fact the four covers made for this. I guess never many were sold anyway.
Kapot Produkt 0AB: MUSIC FROM THE MAGNETIC TAPE (c30 - Dec. 1988 - ed. of 96 copies)
Dedali Opera opus 1

Friday, December 25, 2009


My father had a reel-to-reel recorder to record long classical pieces on taped from the radio. I had a small reel myself which I used to tape stuff of my own. Sometimes I would cut them and make tape-loops. I think I had a little book with some tips and tricks how to make these. I recorded this four track tape in 1987, using just tape-loops. In each title it says how things were made: metal sounds, voice (saying yes and no), paper and surface and feedback. A pretty loud beast, but still a particular favorite of mine.
Kapot Produkt 00S: MUSIK OHNE ENDE (c46 - dec.1987 - Ed. of 80 copies)
Prion Tapes pr 11
Kapotte Muziek Unit 02: Reel to reel loops, editing and concept

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Another compilation on Stefan Schwab's Tonspur Tapes label. Not much to report here. The entire compilation can be found here
Kapot Produkt 00L: 'Collage Nr.2' on Neue Muster 1 + 2 (2xc90 - Dec.1987)
Tonspur Tapes tt 8-tt 9
Kapotte Muziek Unit 02: Electronics, concept and recording

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Another early compilation by the German label bog-Art. I think Christian Nijs suggested this title: he knew more about the history of murderers than I did. In my diary I see a submitted a visual, but its no longer in my archive. The whole tape can be heard here
Kapot Produkt 28: 'Sucking (For Kuno Hoffman)' on Rogues Gallery (c90 - Dec 1986)
Bog-Art (no
(A visual was submittted, but it came without a booklet)

Sunday, December 20, 2009


One of those many compilations with a Kapotte Muziek track on it. Part of a three tape series, which can all be downloaded here
I have no idea to which process it is referred to here in the title, but I bet its something musical, rather than the Kafka book of the same.
Kapot Produkt 0AM: 'The Process 2' on Claustrophobia (c90 - dec 1988)
Interrupt Prod. IP 01
(A visual was submitted, but it came without booklet)

Thursday, December 17, 2009


A two day festival in Herford, not far from Nijmegen. I think we felt a bit out of place there, I don't know why. Its been a while. I used to have a video of our concert but I have no idea where that is anymore. Maybe Peter has it. Fich art, the label who organised it, later on released a compilation with a track by Kapotte Muziek. More on that later. Quite a nice concert actually.
And scroll back down to the entry about 05-11-2009: a recording has been found!
Players: Frans de Waard, Peter Duimelinks. Gig 21 FLA FLA Herford, Germany

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Back in those I was pretty much interested in history, studying at the University here in Nijmegen. Always fascinated by heretic movements. Gematria studies the way numbers are used in the bible. I made a tape with the same name. At the peak of industrial music, I guess. I wish I could offer you a download, but its available on CDR by Lunhare, together with Electrocute and Gilles de Rais, which together with Gematria spells Egg. Nicely remastered. I even have some copies to sell myself. The tape was back then also released by Zeal SS, the Grey Wolves label.
Kapot Produkt 20: GEMATRIA (c30 - Dec 1985)
Zeal SS 86047
Opus Dei Society opus 2 (this one is limited to 113 copies)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


A compilation that dealt entirely with processed radio sounds, which was at the time, right up my street! Get the entire release here
Kapot Produkt 00J: 'Processed Radio' on Radiointerferenzensampler (c60 - dec. 1987)
Prion Tapes pr 8
(Booklet with one visual from Kapotte Muziek) Kapotte Muziek Unit 02: Editing and concept

Monday, December 14, 2009


The next day was a wednesday and the task ahead was to drive to Prague in the Czech Republic. The plan was to drive on the 13th to Udine, to stay with Giancarlo Toniutti and then on the 14th drive the remainder to Prague. Around Bologna it started snowing and we got trapped in a tunnel. The army handing out blankets and we got stuck until next morning. We tried phoning Prague at 8 in the morning and decided to see how far we would get. We made it to Prague, at 9.30 P.M., where nobody was worrying about our lateness. Someone from the Dutch embassy (who paid for it) came to say hello to three spaced out zombies, but we played a great surprise, as no doubt you all know: its released on CD by Pac Rec and still available. So if you don't have that and like this blog and the live recordings, then buy one!
Players: Frans de Waard, Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop. Gig 29 14-12-1995 Archa Theatre, Prague, Czech Republic

Friday, December 11, 2009


Those friends of Peter were also involved in a small film festival, called Policino (which I believe means the tumb), so after a day of relaxing, we played also here creating soundtracks to films. I believe those films had something to do with the Famiglia Suffigatta (if that's the way to spell it), or maybe something went wrong and we had some different films. Anyway, a much shorter concert, but one that stands out from the various concerts of that same time. Players: Frans de Waard, Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop. Gig 28 12-12-1995 Teatro Club, Catania, Italia

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Right after Naples we drove down to Sicily, to Catania to be precise. Apparently not a drive without risk, but nothing happened. Sicily? Sunshine? Grey and rainy, no sighting of the Etna. Auro was housed in something that looked like a church or a monastery, but was squatted and a carried a strong sense of cat piss. We played a long concert here, at least if we should go by the recording (back then we recorded all our concerts to Digital Audio Tapes and usually had 2 hour tapes to tape various shows on to). Catania was nice, meeting some old friends like Alessandro Aiello (with whom I made various xerox books years before) and friends of Peter who lived here for almost a year in the early nineties. Players: Frans de Waard, Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop. Gig 27 10-12-1995 Auro, Catania, Italia

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


The day after the Bologna concert we drove to Naples, a most beautiful drive I seem to remember. We stayed at the nice people of Demos, an Italian distributor that unfortunately no longer exists, who put up this guy at a squat called Tienamen. They kept us waiting for a few hours before we could actually start: lots of people stayed outside while negotiating a discount with man at the door. Half way through the power was cut but re-instated quickly after which we continued with business as usual. You can't hear this on the recording. Players: Frans de Waard, Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop. Gig 26: Tienamen, Napels, Italia


MaM Aufnahme was an active man on the cassette scene, who compiled a big project of three minute tapes in a video box (popular item back then) called 'Intrendent Fansette Edition 10-6' (part 5 to 1 were released before I gather) and we have a track on there. I found two versions online here and here

Kapot Produkt 5: 'Le Sang Du Peuple' on Intredent Fansette Edition
10/9/8/7/6 (3xc90 - 9/12/1985 - ed. of 300 copies)
MaM Aufnahme ffm 1c 8787/235-015
(booklet with 1 visual from Kapotte Muziek)

Monday, December 7, 2009


The first time Kapotte Muziek headed out as trio on a small tour starts here. A long drive takes us on the 6th of December 1995 to Italy and our first port of call is a place called Link in Bologna, which I remember as nice, somewhat official music place. I have no recollection if anyone else was on the bill, but the recording sounds pretty good, listening to it now. Players: Frans de Waard, Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop. Gig 25 07-12-1995 Link, Bologna, Italia

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Following last week's entry about Kapotte Muziek in Stockholm, we continue with us still being in Stockholm for the rest of the week, until December 4th, when we did a workshop at Fylkingen. The week in between we spend time recording new music as Goem in an improvised work set up in Fylkingen's storage room and at studio 4 of the EMS studios (basically 'downstairs' of Fylkingen) where they have a Bucla synth. Some of that material ended up on 'Punik'. An entirely different story. But on the 4th we did a workshop as Kapotte Muziek, and the picture you see here is from the double souvenir CDR we made for the participants, which were (listed on the cover: Mikeal Stavostrand, Dinka Pignon, Mateusz Herszka, Klas Augustsson and Johannes Bergmark). I took several pictures and this is from the copy in my archive. There was no audience that night when we played with the participants, so we split the group in 2, so one group was audience and the others played and then vice versa. Two downloads: A long one, 48 minutes and then a Kapotte Muziek trio concert. Also in this download is the various sound material recorded by the participants recorded that afternoon. This material can still be used: I did it on two short tracks that are now on my 'Klankschap 1999-2005' CD which was released only last week by :zang. Next on the right you see the brand new logo for 25 years of Kapotte Muziek, designed by Red Bol, for which we are in great debt of. Players: Frans de Waard, Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop. Gig 58 04-12-1998 Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden

Saturday, November 28, 2009


We travelled to Stockholm again to play at a music festival called 'Nature Is Perverse', which was staged at Moderna Musseet and at Fylkingen. We played on this day as Kapotte Muziek, the next night as Goem at the same place. Also performing were Dror Feiler, Framers Manual, MStvostrand, Mats Lindstrom, Freundschaft, Kent Tankred, Voice Crack, Zbigniew Karkowski, Soren Runolf, Elggren/Liljenberg, Tetsuo Furudate and Small Cruel Party. They are all on the double CD that was released by Fylkingen Records in 2000. You can download the entire concert here. Good memories of the 'Girl Power' concert by Mats Lindstrom which saw a whole bunch of young girls (12 years or so) playing noise. The picture of Roel here appears in the CD booklet. Players: Frans de Waard, Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop. Gig 57: Moderna Musseet, Stockholm, Sweden

Friday, November 27, 2009


Graf Haufen released the first four Katacombe volumes on his Schrei Records label, and after he asked me to continue it. I liked sixty minutes better and asked a whole bunch of people to contribute. Kapotte Muziek's contribution 'Stag/nation' was originally sent to Hubner who was compiling a cassette 'Illuminated' but he refused my contribution, which at the time was great injustice I felt, but perhaps he was right. So I included it on this cassette, of course right after the track gave for his Das Synthestische Mischgewebe. There wasn't a copy of this online, so I uploaded the entire thing myself. Tracks also included by The Vital Parts, Ingo Techmeier, Nails Ov Christ, Het Zweet, Dr. Klaus Groh, Ad van Buuren, Narzisse, L'Akstremauncio, MTVS, Zombies Under Stress, Throw Me Your Finger and De Fabriek. Industria Tape was a Korm Plastics sub division for the sole purpise of re-releasing the four previous Katacombe volumes. Later I also compiled volume six. Katacombe volume 7 was also made but without my knowledge (I still haven't heard it!)
Kapot Produkt 12: 'Stag/Nation' on Katacombe Vol.5 (c60 - 27/11/1985 - ed. of 500 copies)
Industria Tepa IT o5

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Late summer 1998 I bought a stand alone CD burner and copied some CDs and it dawned upon me that this could be the next great thing, following releasing cassettes. Then I started Bake Records, designed the covers and copied them at home. At Staalplaat they liked the idea, Roger NBH redesigned the whole thing and subsequently designed all 60+ releases on the label. Staalplaat bought a professional CD duplicator and a whole bunch of labels was started: Microwave, Acid Planet, Hond In De Goot and all Korm cassettes were re-issued. Last year I got all the masters for this from Staalplaat and was promised whateverv remained from the stock on covers, but it turned out they were lost. Today I still these mentioned in Staalplaat's list, so maybe they are still for sale? No download therefore. 1000 Herz used processed sine waves and Boxes was a re-issue of a tape released by Spite, an American label and uses a metal box and bells.
1000 HERZ (CDR - November 1998)
Bake Records 001
BOXES (CDR - November 1998)
Bake Records 003

Sunday, November 22, 2009


After about a year of working together Christian Nijs and I thought it would be nice to do a split cassette, with would display our separate interests in music. Christian's side has a bit of rhythm and synthesizer and I was in awe of Whitehouse circa 'New Britain', with feedback and water sounds. The cover was a double sided A4 sheet, folded into a plastic bag. The music is here!
Kapot Produkt 16: SPLIT (c15 - 22/11/1985 - ed. of 75 copies)
Korm Plastics KP 10
(One side recorded by Kapotte Muziek Unit 01, the other side recorded by Kapotte Muziek Unit 02)

Friday, November 20, 2009


A track on 'Rub Out The Word' a double compilation released on Jeph Jerman's Big Body Parts label. It all deals, in some ways at least, with whom I was in contact a lot back then. The title 'Process 4' probably refers to other pieces that employ the same process - no doubt some crude form of Steve Reich's 'Come Out', which I used a lot in those days. The whole tape can be downloaded here.
Kapot Produkt 0AP: 'Process 4' on Rub Out The Word (2xc60 - Nov 1989 - edition of 100 copies)
Big Body Parts C3

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Another one of those early post 1993 USA shows. The poster you see here is more or less half of it, the other half announces another concert. But as you can see we shared that with Chop Shop and Small Cruel Party. I don't remember much about this evening to be honest. The first time we played Extrapool, that much I know. The recording turns out to be quite nice though. Players: Frans de Waard, Peter Duimelinks. Gig 20: Extrapool, Nijmegen

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


As said last month, we did various things for a Rotterdam based artist Ben Schot. The soundtrack to the Bunuel film, a concert as Death Pact (which falls outside this blog), a concert that will come in June and this one, which was a special one. Ben Schot got the Pendrecht Cultuurprijs and there was an official reception with serious talk, a short film, nice food, fine wine and Kapotte Muziek. Ben said something along the lines: "well, don't hold back, go all the way if you want", which of course we did, although it may not show on the recording. The nice thing here is that this is the only concert of Kapotte Muziek as a laptoptrio. The location was the city townhall of Rotterdam. Various, somewhat older people, came and asked us to stop but in the end more than half the audience left. Players: Frans de Waard, Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop. Gig 88: Stadhuis, Rotterdam

Monday, November 9, 2009


Well, actually this could also have been the 7th. It deals with the release of 'Real Time Music', the second Kapotte Muziek 7" and a cassette. According to discogs, information supplied by DMDN of Midas Music, the 7" was released on November 7th 1989 (picture below), but the cassette (picture above) is undated but from November 1987. The music was created by accident. One of my cassette players broke down, I opened the machine (don't why, since I am hardly technical), and it turns out it still produces sound. So in one go, I recorded four tracks which were released by Midas Music as a C15 cassette, and the first twenty copies were in a carton box with various pieces of the tapedeck, the edition was in total 50 copies. Two years Midas decided to release this a 7", leaving out the shortest track on side a. The edition was 320 copies. The b-side especially nice: a sort of very primitive early version of Goem. This digital transfer was done by DMDN.
Kapot Produkt 00X:REAL TIME MUSIC (c15 - Nov. 1987 - Ed. of 50 copies)
Midas Tapes taped 027
Kapotte Muziek Unit 02: Concept, recording and editing

Kapot Produkt 0RB: REAL TIME MUSIC (7" - 1989 - 3 tracks - Edition of 300 copies)
Midas Music R02

Sunday, November 8, 2009


The next drive, Trondheim to Stockholm, is about 600 kilometers and could be done in 6-7 hours. But due to the fact that it had snowed, the road outside Trondheim was covered with snow, all along to the the Swedish coast where we headed down to Stockholm. About eleven hour drive, but what a great scene to ride through. I don't recall much about this particular concert, if it was part of any festival, but I believe there was a small exhibition of Staalplaat designs somewhere. A piece of plastic found at Fylkingen is actually still part of the usual instruments of Roel and me. The last concert of this small tour. Players: Frans de Waard, Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop. Gig 54: Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden

Saturday, November 7, 2009


A beautiful drive the next day took us to Trondheim, home of Lasse Marhaug and Tore Boe. Klub Kanin wasn't a very big as far as I remember this, and there were more bands playing that night. We stayed with Lasse for a few hours before heading eastwards. The food was great here. The music being much more noisy than the night before. Players: Frans de Waard, Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop. Gig 53: Klub Kanin, Trondheim, Norway


So far the posts about concerts have been for one-off occassions. Today we start with three posts in a row, which formed together a small tour we did. I think we were originally invited by Fylkingen to play in Stockholm and around it we got some extra gigs in Norway and Sweden. The first port of call was Club Mir in Oslo, which was a nice bar and venue. I think we were the only ones on the bill and afterwards we were asked if wanted to sleep in the club on stage where it would be warmer or somewhere else more comfortable but colder. We did the first. Peter wasn't feel and couldn't hardly speak, so a bit warm place was nice. The next day he felt better. Quite a soft recording with lots of silence. Players: Frans de Waard, Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop. Gig 52: MIR, Oslo, Norway

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


No mistake here. We deal with 25 years of Kapotte Muziek, but we will include the future as part of the past. Tomorrow we will play in Den Haag, see the flyer above. If everything goes well, on friday there will be a recording to download and some story. We are scheduled to play around 10 o'clock, so if you are in the area, plus come over. A long night - well, two, if you go friday too, but it looks like fun.
The day after: you are all eagerly anticipating last night's recording, and as a sort of band joke we talk about the machine not being turned on, and it was - I swear, it went ahead, because I watched it go, since we had to play for about 25-30 minutes, but the hard disc recorder today says zero KB for this file. Most odd & strange. The concert was a big empty warehouse space, packed with gear from all the performing bands, stone cold, but a fine atmosphere. A bit of problem getting the sound under control with feedback and such, but it worked well in our piece. I used the crackle box which my dear dear friend Anton Viergever gave me last week (with an output connection mind you). Well, great evening, fine concert. You have to take my word for it. Unless a recording pops up one day. Players: Frans de Waard, Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop. Gig 108: Maakhaven, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Update! a recording has been found! Listen up.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


This was no doubt on a sunday back then. VPRO is a Dutch radio station and one of their programms is 'De Avonden' and many of the recordings were done on a sunday, as far as I can remember. Here, among other things, Berry Kamer and Jan Hiddink organised radio sessions with bands, along with an interview. Staalplaat did release a whole bunch of these sessions in the 'Mort Aux Vaches' series. The CD released with Kapotte Muziek is, according to the Staalplaat website, still available, so nothing to do download here today. The liner notes were written by Achim Wollscheid. Players were: Peter Duimelinks and Frans de Waard. Gig 41: VPRO Studio, Amsterdam

Sunday, November 1, 2009


As far as I recall this is the first Kapotte Muziek concert without Peter Duimelinks, so just me and Roel Meelkop. At the Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst in Rotterdam, probably as part of some bigger event, which I no longer recall. For whatever reason I also don't recall anymore, Roel and me decided to use glass as the sole source of sound. We played glass plates, marbles and such like and had various samples of glass pre recorded. This concert was later edited into the 'Glas' 10" released on Korm Plastics. You can download here the entire concert. Players: Frans de Waard and Roel Meelkop. Gig 51: CBK, Rotterdam

Thursday, October 29, 2009


A small two date tour took Kapotte Muziek to Hamburg and Emden, along with Beequeen and Small Cruel Party. The Flora, or Rote Flora, was an old squat in Hamburg and still exists today. This show was organised by Thomas Beck, who would later release the split LP by Beequeen/Kapotte Muziek on his Wachsender Prozess label (we come to that when we post something about the concert that was released then) and is the second post-US tour where Peter Duimelinks and me played together for the first time. That makes 1993 the busiest year of gigging, with 21 concerts as Kapotte Muziek. You can download the music, but no image, photo or flyer, did survive in the archive. All I remember the Flora was pretty cold. Players were: Peter Duimelinks and Frans de Waard. Gig 19: Flora, Hamburg, Germany

Monday, October 26, 2009


This is a contribution to a thematic compilation cassette released by Luis Mesa on his IEP tapes, all dealing with the human voice. I am not sure if this link includes the scan of the booklet. Its a nice tape. My contribution consists of a loop saying 'De Stem' ('the voice') and some sped-up and slowed down sound.
Kapot Produkt 48: 'De Stem' on Registro De Voces (c60 - Okt.1987 - ed. of 150 copies)
Iep Tapes 108
(Booklet with one visual from Kapotte Muziek)


In the past we have done a few gigs for Ben Schot, an artist from Rotterdam and who runs the publishing house Sea Urchin. We played once as Death Pact for him in Den Haag, and three times with Kapotte Muziek. This particular gigs was at the museum Boymans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam, when he presented a Dutch translation of 'Les Champs Magnetiques' by Andre Breton. He asked us to deliver a live soundtrack to 'Un Chien Andalou' by Luis Bunuel. The night before we watched this movie (about 14 minutes) a few times and talked what we should do. I think we delivered quite a good piece that afternoon, but we can't validate my statement: it was not recorded. So therefore nothing to download today.
Players were: Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop and Frans de Waard. Gig 82: Boymans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam

Friday, October 23, 2009


In those days music merged often with mail-art, and one of the mail artists I was in contact was Klaus Groh. He released a whole bunch of compilation cassettes with various themes. Since a friend made me an electronic bird of which you could alter the sound by turning a knob on the schematics, I did this one piece for the compilation called 'Birds'. On the cover it says Frans de Waard, but it should have been Kapotte Muziek. This online version is unindexed, and listening to this piece now makes me indeed which excatly was my piece.
Kapot Produkt 21: Untitled Cut on Birds (c60 - Oct 1986) Audio Edition Ammerland aea 6
(The cover says Frans de Waard, but this has to be Kapotte Muziek)


Oddly enough, following last week's workshop in 2005, the next workshop we did was this one, in the same place. This time with only three participants. Last year I already posted something on my personal blog and here is the link again with full recordings of the concert and the field recordings. Players were: Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop and Frans de Waard, plus participants of the workshop, Sybille and Till if I remember correctly, plus a third person whose name I don't know. Gig 105: Kulturbunker Muhlheim, Koln, Germany

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This is the first post that has two XX's in it. This means it was released in October, 1986 to be precise, but there is not exact date. Soon there will be also posts with XX-XX, meaning I don't even know the month of the release. I guess I just was never a good person to keep a diary. So it goes. So in October 1986 this short compilation cassette was released by Heer PJ, the person who did a really nice magazine called Ha! Fijn? with stories, comics and such like. Issue 8.15 refers to the 15 minute tape that was included, copied on a computer tape (which had no start leader, and were used to store computer programs on), and all tracks are pretty short. There is a guy locally who borrowed once a whole bunch of compilations with Kapotte Muziek, so for many of these posts I will refer to his site. Get this compilation here. No scans however of the magazine, which is a pity, but in his defense: this is a difficult one to scan.
Kapot Produkt 41: 'Killing Komputer Kontakt' on Dadadatatape (c15 - Oct. 1986)
Edele Delen
(Comes with a magazine called Ha! Fijn ? 8.15 with mail art from Kapotte Muziek)

Thursday, October 15, 2009


In 1997 Kapotte Muziek did their first workshop, but that was late september so it will take a while before we talk about that. Today we have work from a workshop we did at the Kulturbunker Muhlheim in Cologne in 2005, organised by a true supporter of Kapotte Muziek, the ever lovely Till Kniola. There were more or less six or seven participants that day. A workshop starts at 11:00 in the morning with a general introduction (by me) on Kapotte Muziek and some examples of electro-acoustic music, then Roel explains how to make a contact microphone, which participants then make two of them themselves and Peter explains making field recordings. Then the participants go outside and find whatever junk to play on and do some field recordings. When they arrive back, the junk is connected to contactmicrophones and checked out for the sound quality and we all listen to the field recordings. There is a bit of a rehearsal and in the evening we play one or two short concerts with them and then Kapotte Muziek plays solo. In this zip file you'll find MP3 of the concerts (the first three pieces) and six field recordings. It was the first time I used a new laptop to record on and something went wrong adding some distortion to the sound, but no doubt some will like that. A few pictures are enclosed as well. The one here shows Till Kniola (left) and Roel Meelkop (right). Players were: Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop and Frans de Waard, plus participants of the workshop whose names I no longer have. Gig 95: Kulturbunker Muhlheim, Koln, Germany

Sunday, October 11, 2009


The idea behind this compilation was simple: you pay a certain amount of money and get in exchange a certain amount of time on a compilation. Stichting Muziek Nieuws were not the first to such a thing: '17 to 7 on 33', the 7" by Plurex started all of this (the band behind Stichting Muziek Nieuws, ORDUC, was on there as well), and also Stichting Stopcontact did records like (including Kapotte Muziek, as we will see later). I usually didn't have that much money, so I bought only one or two minutes. Here an one minute track, called 'Informatica' (which can be downloaded asan .aif actually). The whole album can be found here. Stichting Muziek Nieuws would later release the very first LP by Kapotte Muziek.



This is one of those concerts where my memory is insufficient! I don't remember this particular gig at all. It was in Nighttown in Rotterdam and it might have very well be that concert where we played some short pieces with various people (whose names I don't know anymore) from the Rotterdam Improvisatie Poel, mainly wind instruments. We all played as the audience left to see a concert in another space, and repeated that for, I think, three times. So three short concerts. This recording may very well be just Kapotte Muziek, as the others played acoustically. Part of a bigger event, but it eludes me who else played. Players were: Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop and Frans de Waard. Gig 40: Nighttown, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

you can download this concert

Friday, October 9, 2009


On August 21st 1999 my father passed away, and he was the one who gave me the name Kapotte Muziek for all music that I played and he hated. That stuck (in various ways), but it sounded good as a bandname. Normally I'd like to think that all music Kapotte Muziek plays - at least for the good part of the 25 years - is absolute music, i.e. music that has no 'programm' (politically, poetically etc.). That division comes from classical music - a subject dear to my father. So when we played at De Kelk in Brugge a few months later, we decided to play a kind of 'In Memoriam' for my father. Programm music, dealing with silence. My mother came - the only concert she ever from me, and my father never went - and thought it was 'nice, save for the louder bits which happened every now and then'. I do remember it was part of a festival, but I forgot who else played, probably Klangkrieg, as I remember Felix being there, as well as Uli Rehberg. Players were: Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop and Frans de Waard. Gig 59: De Kelk, Brugge, Belgium.

you can download this concert

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Gig number 94 this is, Kapotte Muziek at Broeinest in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. A small venue, or gallery... I couldn't work it out. It was organised by our old friend DMDN (of Midas Music), who was DJ during the evening and who played with us on for about 1/3 of the concert - the last third part. Also playing that night was Jos Smolders, who was brilliant. He made a live recording using a binaural system and I made a line recording. Jos stuck both recordings together and released them on his own Ear Labs website, where they can still be downloaded. I think Chrissy, Jos' lovely daughter, took this rather odd picture. A great recording! Players were: Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop, Frans de Waard and DJ DMDN.

Friday, October 2, 2009


In October 1989 Merzbow visited The Netherlands by invitation of V2 (where I was a volunteer back then) to play three concerts: at V2, one at Ekko in Utrecht and one in Diogenes in Nijmegen. Diogenes was a student club with too much money to burn from last night boozing, so they organized the most crazy events. That particular week they had a perversity festival. The Haters played, Die Form also and an incredible film night which was much rumored about, but in fact not many people saw - I was there. Anyway Merzbow played on tuesday as a duo (Masami Akita & Reiko), since K. Mizutani was to arrive later - he went along to the fourth concert, in Bordeaux. Tuesday was also the day I had my radio programm at the local illegal radio station, Radio Rataplan. Masmai agreed to play a concert with me, as Kapotte Muziek, roughly about forty minutes. Freek Kinkelaar was the engineer, popping in some tapes by Emil Beaulieu and SBOTHI. I played a small cassette recorder, Masami on the sound effects. The picture you see is from the concert, I think it taken by G.X. Jupitter-Larsen. On the left of me is Peter Duimelinks. Reiko was also present, Freek at the controls sat next to Peter, not on the picture. The flyer below is the original - like many you will see on this blog, the original glued one with marks (historical documents only please) and was spread around town. The show was taped, at home, from radio (since the station had no means of recording) by Koen van Oosterhout (Prilius Lacus). The first twenty minutes ended up on side A of 'Documentation/Collaboration', the LP by Merzbow Kapotte Muziek I released soon after. The b-side has further 'recyclings' of side A - recycling being the hot term for what is now called remixing. The tape I took to France, where THU20 played (with me in the line-up) later that week, and was used a backing tape for their concert (released as Merzbow/THU20 LP by Midas Music later)
Unfortunately, for you, I am not offering this as a download, not the LP nor the concert. I still have plans to do a 3CD set with the entire concert recording, the b-side of the LP, the LP 'Continuum' and the cassette we did,plus a few compilation tracks. In the pipeline for years, but it will come, eventually. Both LPs can be found here.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Last week Alex from Gonzo Circus did a test with me, playing me records which I had to guess and discuss. It will be part of the next issue of Gonzo Circus. His first question, how can you be so sure it was October 1st 1984 that you started Kapotte Muziek. This history lesson starts with a well-known, since it has been told before: In 1983 I compiled 'De Nederlandse Cassette Catalogus' (which deservs a blog of its own) and send out copies to various people, one being Graf Haufen, who had his own label, magazine, group and what not, and was a bit of hero. He released a cassette compilation, called Katacombe (actually two volumes already), and was impressed by my catalogue of Dutch labels, and asked me to compile a cassette with only Dutch hardcore electronics, which I did. In hindsight I don't think its that much hardcore electronic on that tape, but that's a different story. In any case, I thought it would be nice to add a piece of music of myself, and used whatever time was available at the end of the tape, one minute. I took all alarm bells I could find in the house and set them to the same time, and recorded the sound. Not a great piece, but on this compilation it works quite well. I decided to call the band Kapotte Muziek, since it was a term my father used quite a lot of qualify all music I heard, and the piece has no title, but, in spirit of what was fashion in those days, it also said 'Kapot Produkt 1'. The cassette got a good review in Muziekkrant Oor, and Staalplaat picked up on it, and sold quite a few copies.

The cover shown here (click on it to enlarge) is the original cover of the release on Schrei Records, and it mentions Korm Plastics also a co-label. Later on it was re-issued by Industria Tepa, another short lived label I ran and released on CDR in 1999 by Korm Plastics (when working for Staalplaat, maybe its still available from them). Its not online, but you can download that first, untitled piece here.