Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Starting to round up a few things here, here is some more stuff lost, or oherwise unavailable for this blog.

First there is the Kapotte Muziek track to this one, a 100 lockgroove compilation. I barerly remember which one it is when I play this 7", and I definetly don't have a back up on some master tape somewhere. I liked this one and the RRR 500, which has 500 lockgrooves, but when recently someone mentioned there is also now a 1000 lockgroove record, I must admit I was not interested at all. I am not a DJ or a 'musician' who use lockgrooves. I think I rather to do the difficult and create loops myself, I need them.
Kapot produkt OCF: Untitled Cut on RRR 100 (7" - 1992)

I just looked this one up on discogs, looked at the image and I am pretty sure I never saw this one, or maybe I must have misplaced this one. I just copied my title from discogs, which vaguely sounds familiar (no doubt some reference to Small Cruel Party)
Kapot Produkt OCG: 'I Do Believe In A Pen' on Acousticide (c60 - 1993)

Now this one was released, I do have a copy, but not in a digital format (not even from the label's website). This is a remix of Clop Neplat, a.k.a. Mads Staff Jensen.
'Klop Lo-Res Mix' on Clop Neplat (2LP - 1998 - edition of 200 copies)
Some Place Else ham 011

And also this one I no longer have a digital copy of, which is a pity. I seem to remember I put the master on a cassette actually for this. A 7" with Hands To, dealing with positive and negative sounds influencing the body or something like that.
Kapot Produkt ORF: Korperlaute (7" - 1990 - Edition of 100 copies)
Korm Plastics kp 2890
(other side by Hands To)
(comes with an insert)

I wrote about the next story quite a lot, unfortunately. A.I.P.R. was a German label who asked me for a 7", which I gave him. This guy who released, phoned and said when he received the pressing, something was wrong: black vinyl, white label as opposed to white vinyl, black label. He was going to repressed this, and I asked him to mail me a wrong one anyway. Needless to say he never did. Bernard Gunther saw a copy of whatever version of this 7" for sale in a shop in Koblenz, and I asked him to buy one for me. I believe he wasn't bothered at all. I don't think he likes me.

The only time I ever submitted something to a video compilation was this one: a static six image of a skull with the b-side of 'Weapons Of Musick' as its background. Christian and I did this when we were both stuyding to become teachers in the Audio Visual dept of our school. Not an ikon of cinema.
Kapot Video Produkt 00A: 'Weapons Of Musick' on Songs From The Lost
Generation (E60 - 1989)
De Koude Oorlog SZV 0004

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