Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Part two: Sunday February 28 at Occii. Concerts by Asra (Raymond Dijkstra & Timo van Luijk), Howard Stelzer, Jos Smolders, Radboud Mens and Kapotte Muziek plus DJ DMDN. Everybody delivered a great performance despite the somewhat low turn out. A CD of both nights is in the works, but we share here for free the Kapotte Muziek recording. Players: Frans de Waard, Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop. Gig 110 Occii, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


A great night, with a great turn out of around 60 people, probably the busiest night for Extrapool since their re-opening. Lots of old friends showing up, including those from non-music areas. Some excellent performances, some a bit less (well Kapotte Muziek themselves: never run a show where you play yourself). Concert for download is here, and I'll pick up other photos and films from there soon. Keep watching this space. In the meantime some pictures from Freek Kinkelaar from this evening. More photos here
Players: Frans de Waard, Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop. Gig 109 Extrapool, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It must be bad luck, but here's another one which don't go into free download mode. It will be part of the 10 cassette set from Blossoming Noise (expected june or july). This particular release is a dear one to me. It started with a newspaper article about people in the operating theatre not being fully unconscious and that talk from the doctors influenced the patient. I recorded this work to be played on headphones, and using various tapes a friend of mine gave me with cardio sounds. This work is later expanded in various other works. We'll come to those later. Soundfume Tapes was a rather short-lived label from Vidna Obmana.
Kapot Produkt 00W: ANATHESIA (c30 - feb. 1988)
Soundfume Tapes so 2(With 6 pages booklet)
Kapotte Muziek Unit 02: Editing and concept

Thursday, February 18, 2010


This particular concert was at Roel Meelkop's work space, as part of some exhibition on silence, if I remember correctly. There is nothing to download here, as this concert will be part of the 10 cassette set to be released by Blossoming Noise. Players were: Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop and Frans de Waard. Gig 92 18-02-2005 Tent, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


From the time when things had to be nasty and grim, this compilation. I have no idea why I titled this piece 'Incest', maybe to make a statement about the cassette network? I no longer remember.
Kapot Produkt 15: 'Incest' on Great Evening (c60 - Feb 1986)-
Futu X tapes fxt 05

Friday, February 12, 2010


And then this one has the wrong tag too: this was on 12-02-1994. Backstage organised as part of a gothic night, along with Maeror Tri also playing. A legendary night because of the party and the fact that there was nowhere to sleep. Eventually we went back to the organiser's house and stayed there. Better than the car or the railway station (Maeror Tri's option). Here Kapotte Muziek did a much shorter concert than the night before, perhaps due to the length of the programm - I no recall this for sure. Beequeen's concert is here
Players: Frans de Waard and Peter Duimelinks. Gig 23 12-02-1994 Backstage, Munchen, Germany

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Beequeen and Kapotte Muziek did a couple of shows together in the past. It was a sort of package deal: get two bands and save on the transport. This concert was organised by someone from the now closed Hausmusik label, who did more with rock music actually and took us to the snow covered mountains of Bavaria. A nice trip. As far as I remember it was only Kapotte Muziek and Beequeen playing. The Beequeen concert is also online.
After I did the upload I see I got the date wrong, so you have to change the tag into 11-02-1994! Players: Frans de Waard and Peter Duimelinks. Gig 22 11-02-1994 Juze, Peissenberg, Germany

Monday, February 8, 2010


An one-off concert in Germany where we shared the bill with Beequeen and an early incarnation of post Maeror Tri, just before they started to call themselves Troum. Our concert is quite soft in the second half. Most noteworthy of this event is that Ralf Wehowsky showed up to see us, and afterwards he and us talked and talked, and eventually it was decided that he would do a 7" by 'Kapotte Muziek by RLW', which started off the series. Players: Frans de Waard, Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop. Gig 43 08-02-1997 Asta, Kaiserslautern, Germany

Sunday, February 7, 2010


As you may have noticed the concerts are numbered so far. Today I am posting the first entry about a concert that has no number. The numbering starts in 1993 when Peter Duimelinks and I went to the USA and then we started to number all those concerts. The first four concerts in the 80s don't have such a number and this is the second one. It was part of an evening V2 in 's-Hertogenbosch organised about 'home tapers'. It had two concerts by THU20 (for this occasion split in 2: one concert by Jacques van Bussel and Peter Duimelinks and one by Roel Meelkop and Jos Smolders), inside an installation of plastic sheets with water running and various scents. In the other (the smaller garage room) Odal built an installation of drift wood and floor boards. He started his small concert with a sort of lecture, which was taped by Kapotte Muziek and we used this (recycling being the keyword of the day) as part of our music. Meanwhile Odal nailed the only exit door with more wood, locking people in and then started to make three small fires. Soon the entire place was filled with smoke which hit us, on our small stage first - everybody else sat down. After about twenty minutes someone ripped open the door (Jacques van Bussel I believe) and the audience left immediately. End of concert. The whole thing was videod (and probably still in the archives of V2, which are now based in Rotterdam. The recordings of the event were to be released as a cassette by V2, also a label then. It didn't happen, mainly, I believe, because THU20 couldn't agree upon their part. Odal and Kapotte Muziek then offered it to Watergate Tapes, didn't happen and in the end Korm Plastics Canada released it. Later on a few surfaced on CDR. The recording will now be re-released by Blossoming Noise as part of the 10 cassette box 'Twenty-Five' - no download here. For a while I had the programm booklet we did, but of course it seems somewhere now where I can't locate it. The picture above comes from a V2 catalogue, and shows me and Christian during our concert.
There was a programm guide which can be download here

Friday, February 5, 2010


A particular favorite concert of mine. For whatever reason I no longer know Roel Meelkop didn't come to this one, so it was Peter and me. A very soft recording, but quite intense. I had plans to release this on CDR but it never happened. Players were: Peter Duimelinks and Frans de Waard. Gig 99 05-02-2007 DNK, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


One of those compilations, I guess. This label also released 'Aircraft', a sixty minute tape by Kapotte Muziek, which I will not offer for free download, as this will be part of the 10 cassette box 'Twenty-Five' which will be released by Blossoming Noise soon. Its one of the few Kapotte Muziek releases that is mainly Christian Nijs' solo work.
Kapot Produkt 29: 'Operatie' on Bloc Operatoire No.1 (c90 - 1986 - 150 copies)
Medicinal Tapes (no
Kapot Produkt 40: AIRCRAFT (c60 - 1986 - edition of 50 co- pies)
Medicinal Tapes (no

Monday, February 1, 2010


One of the strangest concerts we ever did was at the station of Rotterdam Blaak. An underground station. A day organised by the students of the Rotterdam art academy, bringing art into public spaces. We performed on the platform (3 and 4 if you must know), and we played for about three hours. A slightly more complex set up than before, which prevented us from doing any recording. Lots of people coming off trains or going on talked to us: 'what are you doing for heaven sake?'. It was cold and there was a long line of hot chocolate served. Nothing to download. Players: Frans de Waard, Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop. Gig 42 Station Rotterdam Blaak, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


This particular compilation I couldn't find online, perhaps due to the references found for ultraviolence: lots of A Clockwork Orange. I have a copy of this cassette but I have no idea where I left the tracklist. The Kapotte Muziek track later also appeared as 'December 28th' with some variation. Perhaps one day I will find that tracklist again. The release is by Zeal SS, one of the many guises - both labelwise and musicwise - used by my almost name-same Trev Ward from The Grey Wolves, which I guess is his best known guise. Despite his strong love for all things 'right wing', I found him always a sort of leftie, and perhaps all of this stuff was just a comment on the way things were. And he was nice to collaborate with, musicwise.
Kapot Produkt 17: 'Malleus Maleficorum' on Themes Vol.1: Ultraviolence (c60 - Jan 1986 - ed. of 113 copies)
Zeal SS 86045
(booklet with 1 visual from Kapotte Muziek)