Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Ah, almost forgotten is the very first Kapotte Muziek CD. I was thrilled when Nicolas Malevitsis asked me for one. I am still very pleased with the music, and not so much with the cover, which perhaps looks a bit too much like a Dark Vinyl release (or maybe I was into logo jacking back then? - who knows). Nicolas, still a good friend, has a blog when you can download this beauty.
VERDER (CD - 1994)
Harsh Dept Abyss 002
 Another record not to be posted is this one, since I posted both shows before. This is one I love very much also. Two entirely different concerts, the noise of Boston versus the quietness of Pitssburgh and a great cover by Kit Blake.
LIVE USA (LP - 1995)
RRRecords RRRecords, SSS Productions RRR 090, SSS 48

I spoke before of the [Not] Lost release, time to tell more. The first version was a single CDR of tracks that were, for whatever reason never released and then later on I compiled a 4CDR set with more tracks. I then had left Staalplaat and thus my Bake Records label. I believe both are out of print, but one day they will show as a paid download.
[NOT] LOST (1) (CDR – 2002)
Bake Records 055
[NOT] LOST (4CDR - 2005)
Audiobot BOT 101
Which is (paid downloads to generate some needed cash!) what I intend to do with following two releases. The first being a feedback release, one of the loudest I ever did. It also uses Korg Ms-20 and contact microphones and no input mixer.
MAGNETIC DIGITAL RESPONSE (CD-R - 1998 - edition of 96 copies)
Xerxes ES 96
(one track is a remix of the track that appeared on Pure Power Picnic)

And this one, which is more music recorded with Korg synthesizer. Originally intended to be a LP by Ten Bob's Swerver, but the label disappeared before this was released.
5IVE (CDR – 1999)
Bake Records 019
For this one I lost the master - I think. One side was re-released on 'The Use Of Recycling'. A nice package!
Two Stringquartets For Amplified Toy Guitar (c15)
Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers
And also for this one I lost the master, so nothing to download. I received the material from a group called Thread, of whom I no longer remember anything.
THREADMENTS (7" - september 1996)
Self Abuse SR 12
(using sound material from Thread)

And finally this master also disappeared, it seems (unless it shows up one day, but that goes for all things lost and mentioned here). A sort me doing Henri Chopin vocal sound poetry noise! One could assume it was never proper released: its not on discogs!
Nihilistic Recordings
But there is something to download, this pretty rare lathe cut 8" on Meeuw (their only 8"). All the sound material was by Merzbow, and I did a remix of that. More on collaborations in the next few days. The liner notes are a joke! Download has both sides into one track.
LUISTEREN NAAR... (8" - september 1996 - edition of 50 copies)
Meeuw Muzak 004

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