Sunday, September 12, 2010

XX-XX0-1987 & 1990

Here a case where I mailed some sound material to someone to rework, in this case Stefan Schwab of Tonspur Tapes and the band Context. This on side one, and side two I work with sounds from Context. Later on Context also released a tape with various shorter pieces of collaborations, and there is also one with Kapotte Muziek. That one is here.
Context & Kapotte Muziek - Verbindungen (c60 - 1990) Tonspur Tapes TT28

There weren't that many collaborations with Odal's Peter Zincken. But here is one that is pretty rare. When I moved direction with Korm Plastics, one of the ideas ws to sell stuff in advance of release and give those buys something extra. So when Korm Plastics announced the release of Odal's 'The Choice Of A New Generation', people who paid upfront got a free fifteen minute of work by Odal & Kapotte Muziek. Apparently 12 were made.
Odal/Kapotte Muziek. C15 which was given away for free to subscribers of Odal's The Choice Of A New Generation (C60 on Korm Plastics kp 487). Only 12 copies made.


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