Monday, November 9, 2009


Well, actually this could also have been the 7th. It deals with the release of 'Real Time Music', the second Kapotte Muziek 7" and a cassette. According to discogs, information supplied by DMDN of Midas Music, the 7" was released on November 7th 1989 (picture below), but the cassette (picture above) is undated but from November 1987. The music was created by accident. One of my cassette players broke down, I opened the machine (don't why, since I am hardly technical), and it turns out it still produces sound. So in one go, I recorded four tracks which were released by Midas Music as a C15 cassette, and the first twenty copies were in a carton box with various pieces of the tapedeck, the edition was in total 50 copies. Two years Midas decided to release this a 7", leaving out the shortest track on side a. The edition was 320 copies. The b-side especially nice: a sort of very primitive early version of Goem. This digital transfer was done by DMDN.
Kapot Produkt 00X:REAL TIME MUSIC (c15 - Nov. 1987 - Ed. of 50 copies)
Midas Tapes taped 027
Kapotte Muziek Unit 02: Concept, recording and editing

Kapot Produkt 0RB: REAL TIME MUSIC (7" - 1989 - 3 tracks - Edition of 300 copies)
Midas Music R02

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  1. I still have my copy of the tape box version. A KM classic.