Thursday, October 1, 2009


Last week Alex from Gonzo Circus did a test with me, playing me records which I had to guess and discuss. It will be part of the next issue of Gonzo Circus. His first question, how can you be so sure it was October 1st 1984 that you started Kapotte Muziek. This history lesson starts with a well-known, since it has been told before: In 1983 I compiled 'De Nederlandse Cassette Catalogus' (which deservs a blog of its own) and send out copies to various people, one being Graf Haufen, who had his own label, magazine, group and what not, and was a bit of hero. He released a cassette compilation, called Katacombe (actually two volumes already), and was impressed by my catalogue of Dutch labels, and asked me to compile a cassette with only Dutch hardcore electronics, which I did. In hindsight I don't think its that much hardcore electronic on that tape, but that's a different story. In any case, I thought it would be nice to add a piece of music of myself, and used whatever time was available at the end of the tape, one minute. I took all alarm bells I could find in the house and set them to the same time, and recorded the sound. Not a great piece, but on this compilation it works quite well. I decided to call the band Kapotte Muziek, since it was a term my father used quite a lot of qualify all music I heard, and the piece has no title, but, in spirit of what was fashion in those days, it also said 'Kapot Produkt 1'. The cassette got a good review in Muziekkrant Oor, and Staalplaat picked up on it, and sold quite a few copies.

The cover shown here (click on it to enlarge) is the original cover of the release on Schrei Records, and it mentions Korm Plastics also a co-label. Later on it was re-issued by Industria Tepa, another short lived label I ran and released on CDR in 1999 by Korm Plastics (when working for Staalplaat, maybe its still available from them). Its not online, but you can download that first, untitled piece here.

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