Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Back in those I was pretty much interested in history, studying at the University here in Nijmegen. Always fascinated by heretic movements. Gematria studies the way numbers are used in the bible. I made a tape with the same name. At the peak of industrial music, I guess. I wish I could offer you a download, but its available on CDR by Lunhare, together with Electrocute and Gilles de Rais, which together with Gematria spells Egg. Nicely remastered. I even have some copies to sell myself. The tape was back then also released by Zeal SS, the Grey Wolves label.
Kapot Produkt 20: GEMATRIA (c30 - Dec 1985)
Zeal SS 86047
Opus Dei Society opus 2 (this one is limited to 113 copies)

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