Thursday, December 31, 2009


This might very well the first compilation CD with a Kapotte Muziek track on it. Motop was released by IF Records, from the man behind ORDUC, Nico Selen (who just released a great new LP actually). I organised both Motop 1 (LP) and Motop 2 (CD). The idea was simple: you pay a certain amount of money for which you could send a certain amount of time on the LP/CD. Here I delivered a track of the then ongoing works I did with Merzbow (which I actually hope to release on a CD set one day). Noteworthy, but not necessarily Kapotte Muziek related, is that the S.Core track is not by him, by accident is a loop used by Beequeen. The piece by Wasp King is clearly a remix of Beequeen's cassette 'Mappa Mundi', although have never figured out who Wasp King is. The CD can be found here
Kapot Produkt OBO: "Speedback Variation Nr.1" on Motop 2 (CD - Dec. 1991)
IF Records IFR 0-10016-2
(Booklet with 1 visual)


  1. Hey Frans de Waard, this is Marcel. WASP KING is NOT a cheap remix of BEE QUEEN. It was intended as a reverse-joke, so bee=wasp, queen=king. The recording was only inspired by the Mappa Mundi cassette, hence the name Mappa Negra, Mundi Negra, but it's clearly not the same. You were curious about WASP KING , right ? Well it's Marcel Tuijnenburg and Bart Hanselaar from the BLACK DEATH label, re-established this year. I will digitize all our work (thanx for some of your digital BLD-releases, Bart and I checked them) and we will produce new work this year.
    Interested ? Mail (in Dutch language ?) to Marcel Tuijnenburg for BLACK DEATH releases, or to Bart Hanselaar for raggae-house/LICKSHOT releases. Sincerely Marcel Tuijnenburg.

  2. Dag Frans de Waard, WASP KING is NOT a cheap remix of BEE QUEEN. It was intended as a reverse-joke, wasp=bee, king=queen, by Marcel Tuijnenburg & Bart Hanselaar from the BLACK DEATH label, currently re-established. The track Mappa Negra, Mundi Negra was inspired by the Mappa Mundi cassette, but it's NOT the same ! Thanx for some digital BLD-releases on the net. I'm busy now digitising all BLD-releases, and new stuff will be released this year. Interested in BLACK DEATH mail Marcel Tuijnenburg on or interested in Bart Hanselaar's reggae-house/LICKSHOT-recordings mail, Dutch language preferred, bye for now. Sincerely Marcel Tuijnenburg.

  3. I don't think I said it was cheap remix actually. I always assumed it was you & bart actually.