Sunday, December 27, 2009


Late one night I liked to listen to the radio and I taped this thirteen minute segment, which I copied in an edition of 10 copies with 'handpainted' cover. I think I may have planned more volumes with raw sounds. In those very early days Kapotte Muziek was mainly about use and re-use sounds in various combinations. I gave the other nine copies of 'Raw Sounds Vol.1' away and people used them. In 1987 I released a compilation with those pieces as Death Pact International 'Terror Leads To Better Days' (named after a line from a Portion Control song, in case anyway was wondering). You could still use these sounds of course.
Kapot Produkt 4: RAW SOUNDS VOL.1 (13 minute tape - 27/12/1984 - ed.
of 10 copies)
Kapotte Tapes KT 001
(Note: These ten copies where given away to ten groups (including Kapotte Muziek) in order that these groups could use this tape as a backing tape to their own music. 9 Contributions where made, and released as Death Pact International - Terror Leads To Better Days (Korm Plastics KP 23 - April 1987 - edition of 23 copies) which were sent out again to labels to have it released themselves in different

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  1. What you explain about this tape and results of different covers is quite interesting.

    There are supposed to be clues to the Made in Spain album by De Fabriek. I didn't recognize it yet, though.

    Thanks for the ongoing invitation to use these sounds.