Friday, November 27, 2009


Graf Haufen released the first four Katacombe volumes on his Schrei Records label, and after he asked me to continue it. I liked sixty minutes better and asked a whole bunch of people to contribute. Kapotte Muziek's contribution 'Stag/nation' was originally sent to Hubner who was compiling a cassette 'Illuminated' but he refused my contribution, which at the time was great injustice I felt, but perhaps he was right. So I included it on this cassette, of course right after the track gave for his Das Synthestische Mischgewebe. There wasn't a copy of this online, so I uploaded the entire thing myself. Tracks also included by The Vital Parts, Ingo Techmeier, Nails Ov Christ, Het Zweet, Dr. Klaus Groh, Ad van Buuren, Narzisse, L'Akstremauncio, MTVS, Zombies Under Stress, Throw Me Your Finger and De Fabriek. Industria Tape was a Korm Plastics sub division for the sole purpise of re-releasing the four previous Katacombe volumes. Later I also compiled volume six. Katacombe volume 7 was also made but without my knowledge (I still haven't heard it!)
Kapot Produkt 12: 'Stag/Nation' on Katacombe Vol.5 (c60 - 27/11/1985 - ed. of 500 copies)
Industria Tepa IT o5

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  1. Katacombe VOL.7 can be downloaded here;