Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Late summer 1998 I bought a stand alone CD burner and copied some CDs and it dawned upon me that this could be the next great thing, following releasing cassettes. Then I started Bake Records, designed the covers and copied them at home. At Staalplaat they liked the idea, Roger NBH redesigned the whole thing and subsequently designed all 60+ releases on the label. Staalplaat bought a professional CD duplicator and a whole bunch of labels was started: Microwave, Acid Planet, Hond In De Goot and all Korm cassettes were re-issued. Last year I got all the masters for this from Staalplaat and was promised whateverv remained from the stock on covers, but it turned out they were lost. Today I still these mentioned in Staalplaat's list, so maybe they are still for sale? No download therefore. 1000 Herz used processed sine waves and Boxes was a re-issue of a tape released by Spite, an American label and uses a metal box and bells.
1000 HERZ (CDR - November 1998)
Bake Records 001
BOXES (CDR - November 1998)
Bake Records 003

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