Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This is the first post that has two XX's in it. This means it was released in October, 1986 to be precise, but there is not exact date. Soon there will be also posts with XX-XX, meaning I don't even know the month of the release. I guess I just was never a good person to keep a diary. So it goes. So in October 1986 this short compilation cassette was released by Heer PJ, the person who did a really nice magazine called Ha! Fijn? with stories, comics and such like. Issue 8.15 refers to the 15 minute tape that was included, copied on a computer tape (which had no start leader, and were used to store computer programs on), and all tracks are pretty short. There is a guy locally who borrowed once a whole bunch of compilations with Kapotte Muziek, so for many of these posts I will refer to his site. Get this compilation here. No scans however of the magazine, which is a pity, but in his defense: this is a difficult one to scan.
Kapot Produkt 41: 'Killing Komputer Kontakt' on Dadadatatape (c15 - Oct. 1986)
Edele Delen
(Comes with a magazine called Ha! Fijn ? 8.15 with mail art from Kapotte Muziek)

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