Friday, January 1, 2010


To start the new year, there is first the sad case of all things lost. Back in the old days there was never a lot of money of course, so in those days I didn't make a copy of track sent out to compilations. Some of those went away before releasing anything so we must consider these tracks lost. In one case I have the box with cover, but no more the tape. So maybe someone out there has this.

Labels that got tracks but which were never released are Central Tapes (Kapot Produkt 10), Reseaus Phallus (Kapot Produkt 22), Los Obreros Del Sonido (Kapot Produkt 47), Baptism Productions (Kapot Produkt OOH), Broken Flag ((Kapot Produkt OOI), RRRecords (Kapot Produkt OAC - this was a version of John Cage's 'Variations 1'), Beast 666 (Kapot Produkt OAE), JFK (Kapot Produkt OAH), TV Sonorite (Kapot Produkt OAJ), Audio Virus (Kapot Produkt OBC), Tragic figures (Kapot Produkt OBM), Ignorance Is Bliss (Kapot Produkt OBP), P. Moreira (Kapot Produkt OBQ - no doubt this is a person's name, rather than a label's name), Absurd (Kapot Produkt OBU).

Also in the pipeline was a LP by Suitcase Recordings together with TAC and All Fours. Suitcase released a compilation CD which we'll get to later (which was to be out on cassette in the early nineties) and I was told they would be releasing the LP too, but now on CD, but now all communication is off again. It was to be (Kapot Produkt ORK).

One compilation that was released, and of which I still have the cover, but not the tape is: Kapot Produkt 0BA: 'Aktion Fur Platte' on 3 Into 6 Volume 5 (c60 - Clockwork Tapes CT)

Also released but lost is the Interaction release. The details were
Kapot Produkt OBE: INTERACTION (2xc46 - 1990)
Sounds For Consciousness Rape SFCR 005
Industrial Therapy Unit itu 20
(these two have to be played simultanously)

I know two people who have either one of them, but seemingly refuse to make me a copy. Eric Lanzillota added this one to Discogs but he says he 'gets so many requests to make copies' that he can't do it. The other tape (on Sounds For Consciousness Rape) was owned by the person running the Nostalgie-de-la-boue.blogspot but apparently its lost there (I'm sorry I said something else).If anyone has them, please let me know. I do have the cover as you can see above.

Maybe I'll find some of these later on and there will be surely a post with recovered tracks and hopefully I can add some of this lost list. There are plenty of tapes here and I know I recorded bits on cassettes that I got when I was compiling compilations, but in some cases I lost the note that I made, so it still needs a bit of searching.

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