Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Much to my surprise, this tape was recentely re-issued, on cassette by Abo on his recentely revived Incubator label. Good choice, as this is a great compilation, with a great line up: Smersh, Dva Met Dva Nichts, Mailcop, Lieutenant Caramel, Achim Wollscheid, Arcane Device, Hands To, THU20, Dva Met Dva Nichts* & Post Destruction Music, Null, Dwarf Farm, Merzbow, Arcane Device, IOSS, Winter, Kapotte Muziek, Gregory Whitehead, Dva Met Dva Nichts* & Emil Beaulieau, Mission Papua Holland and Yeast Culture. Popular on the blogs too. here is one here and here
Kapot Produkt OBB: '2 T 1 L' on Enkele Gemotiveerde Produktiemedewerkers (c100 - Jan 1990 - Edition of 150 copies - 2 different covers)
Midas Music T09
(comes with 1 visual from Kapotte Muziek)

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