Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Also on Suitcase (see yesterday) was another compilation for which I submitted a track around 1990-1991. It was released in 1996 but apparently not the right version (which I never saw) and then all of a sudden in 2008 'Paper & Plastic' arrived, in a box created by Abo (of Yeast Culture and Petri Supply). This is a small edition of around 70 or so, and there is supposedly another, more regular edition. I won't post this, but urge to try a copy yourself from the label . Eric Blevins of Suitcase Recordings had his own music project, All Fours. With him and TAC I traded a lot of music, which was supposed to be a LP. I have no back up copies of tracks, just a bunch of 4 track tapes. Maybe, just maybe one day they will appear, if Eric gets his act together, again. But I present the visual I submitted, quite an elaborate one, I'd say, to extent of reworking possibilities. All shown here.
Kapot Produkt OBV: '4 Movements' on Paper & Plastic (2CD - 2008)
Suitcase Recordings

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