Friday, January 15, 2010


A large folder with a magazine and many mail art contributions sums up the package of Wolfangel. Released by Peter Zincken with whom I started having contact in 1985 or so, and still goes strong with his Dr. Bibber, Odal and Stront Tapes. Large item, lots of music. The Kapotte Muziek track isn't that special.
Kapot Produkt 19: Untitled Cut on Wolfsangel (2xc90 - Jan 1987)
Bloedvlagprodukt (no
(Comes with a magazine called Material No.2 and (in a limited edition of 100 copies:) a mail art magazine.)
note that all products from Bloedvlag mentioned here are re-released by a new label from the same people, which is now called Nihilistic Recordings)

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