Monday, January 18, 2010


A split LP usually means that on one side there is a band and on the other another. Its of course also a city in former Yugoslavia. That's what depicted on the cover of the Kapotte Muziek/Beequeen split LP. The Beequeen has been re-issued by Plinkity Plonk on 'Seltenturm'. The Kapotte Muziek is an edit of a concert from September 1993 at De Melkfabriek. When we come to that, I'll post the entire concert recording (plus I don't have the master of this side at my disposal). Wachsender Prozess is a label run by Thomas Beck, still going strong with releases and concerts. It was an edition of 300 copies.
SPLIT (LP - January 1997)
Wachsender Prozess 003
(other side by Beequeen)

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