Sunday, January 17, 2010


Whereas several stories meet up. Berlin's Podewil invited Audio.NL, the label ran by the three members of Goem (incidentelly the same three as Kapotte Muziek) to organise an event for them, which we did. It included Radboud Mens, Goem, Andreas Tilliander and Frank Bretschneider. Ausland, a small nice venue in Berlin got wind of this and asked Kapotte Muziek to be there a day early and play solo and as Kapotte Muziek. Podewil didn't allow Radboud to play at Ausland, but couldn't stop Kapotte Muziek from doing so. For whatever reason I no longer recall Roel didn't join Kapotte Muziek (or Goem) on this particular occasion, but for our concert we played Radboud as our third member. It made quite a difference to our music as you can hear on the recording. Players: Frans de Waard, Peter Duimelinks, Radboud Mens. Gig 83 Ausland, Berlin, Germany


  1. "didnt allow" by contractual means ?

  2. well, yes, sort of. I think they saw as false competition. Podewil paid for the travel and therefore wanted something exclusive.