Wednesday, January 20, 2010


One of those small things I am particularly proud of: Assemblage. This 7", released by Korm Plastics in an edition of 200 copies, had everything to do with my ever present interest in sound recycling. This is what I did when I started working with Christian Nijs in 1984, and perhaps to this very day still is a major interest. So I'd planned this 7" with sound contributions by Jos Smolders, SBOTHI, Yeast Culture and Kapotte Muziek. All images and sounds contained in the project were free to be used by anyone else. Apart from various works by Kapotte Muziek - posted very soon - I think only Con-Dom used a bit on his LP 'The Eigth Pillar' (which was recentely re-issued on CD, but Tesco refuses send me a copy, out of battles which date back to... well perhaps as early as these releases on Korm Plastics). The cover was nice too: we had on the V2 photocopier the layout with empty spaces and took everything we could find in the office and stuck that on the machine, so every cover is unique. I still have a few unused (even a copy or 2 for sale). The guy who blogged this record here didn't know if it should be on 33 or 45 rpm, which honestly I don't remember either. I think it was cut at 33 rpm, but you'll have both 33 and 45 rpm in that post. As said soon I will post the various releases Kapotte Muziek made of this material.
Kapot Produkt OBG: '9 Stukken' on Assemblage (7" - 1990 - edition of 200 copies)
Korm Plastics kp 2589
(comes with 1 visual by Kapotte Muziek)

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