Monday, January 4, 2010


You may see more of these entries where it says Kapotte Muziek Unit 02, 03, 04. I know I made myself Kapotte Muziek Unit 02, and Christian Nijs was Unit 01. I think 04 was Jac van Bussel, otherwise (still!) known as DMDN and the man of Midas Music. I must admit I forgot who the others were. Perhaps one was Peter de Smet, the man behind Therapie, a label from Belgium. He worked as A Violated Body and was a member of Zweiter Korps. He and Jac used to supply me with tapes of rhythm. De Smet also organised an event where Jac and I played as Death Pact, which was so poorly attended that we got paid a box of cassettes, since 'we could sell them at the V2 store', where Jac and I volunteerd. When V2 moved to Rotterdam, the box was thrown away: none were sold. Nice compilation however!
Kapot Produkt 00A: 'Blood Of The Holy Spirit' on Therapie Compilatie 1 (c60 - Jan 1987)
Therapie Organisatie teip A01
Kapotte Muziek Unit 02: Synth
Kapotte Muziek Unit 04: Rhythm and editing

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