Thursday, January 7, 2010


Although its not entirely certain, but on this day in 2002, Christian Nijs took his own life. I wrote about that here. Many of the very early works have the musical ideas of Christian to it. He recorded the main bulk of sounds, and my crude mixing was more a minor thing. For many years I though to write something more extensive about him, but, like so many other plans, I never got around doing it. As said on that page Christian also recorded as Factor 6, and I am not entirely 100% sure if what you can download here, is the complete discography of his work. It includes the two tapes he released on his own Disaubuse Transmissions, plus a track from a compilation on his label and a track from Wolfsangel. There might have been some other musical contributions to other compilations, but I don't have them. He also contributed two written pieces to my pre-Vital fanzine Nul Nul, and a a graphic contribution to the 1986 calender. The release 'The Heretic' on Opus Dei Society is not my Christian. He sort of promised me something back then, but at one point said I should record something myself, which I did. Hilaire Brisdak is on discogs mentioned as the man behind Factor 6: that is not true at all, and another example of the fact the discogs has quite some mistakes, which nobody cares to repeat and everybody loves to repeat.
Anyway, in his own solo music, I think Christian was a fine son of Maurizio Bianchi, and could have made some nice stuff. Every now and then I still think of him, with an odd mixture of sentimentality and distance.

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