Wednesday, August 25, 2010


More CDR compilations here. The first is by Radbound Mens' label Hond In De Goot, on which he released a few great noise releases. The Death Of Rock N Roll was originally for somebody else's label (maybe Colin of Zion Train? I am not sure) and ended years later up on CDR. 'White Haze' has nothing to do with cocaine, but I was thinking of 'Purple Haze' and Jimi Hendrix.
‘White Haze’ on Non Stop Noise Party (The Death Of Rock N Roll) (CDR – 2001)
Hond In De Goot 001

Also on Hond In The Goot a compilation of remixes of Mens' band Technoise. I actually have three mixes, also on as Captain Black and one as Quest. Both not included in the download.
‘Hardware Remix’ on Technoise (CDR – 2001)
Hond In De Goot 002

An edit by Roel Meelkop from our concert at Worm concert 21-01-2000
‘Wormpje’ on Radio Worm 021 (CDR – 2001)
Radio Worm 021

Six pieces recorded using sound material by an obscure UK band Expose Your Eyes. Also Nocturnal Emissions, Kazumoto Endo, Hyware, and Lasse Marhaug are taking part.
‘Expose Your Ears Part 1-6’ on ‘Expose Your Eyes – Collaborates (CDR – 2001)
no label

I am not sure if this was ever proper released, but Tore Boe send a record in the mail, no cover, no enveloppe and asked people to remix it. Two CDRs in a private edition were made.
‘Unexpectedly Gallawohurs’ on Tore Honore Boe & Friends: Serum Recycled (2xCDR)
La La Hacienda

And finally a compilation that I never received a copy of, but I bought it from a French mailorder. Odd. Recorded using a plastic bag.
‘Studie Voor Tas (1)’ on Destroyed Photograph (CDR)
Impulse To Injury Recordings 009

download these Kapotte Muziek tracks

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