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A look at various compilation CDRs containing works by Kapotte Muziek. In the mid 90s CDR became the true alternative to cassette releases. Also on a small scale, these could easily be produced.

First there is this one. A highly limited CDR produced by Staalplaat, in dedicated to Ciro Iamarco. He was the main of Staalplaat up until his death of aids in 1993. I came to Staalplaat in 1992, sort of to replace him. My piece was recorded using the Staalplaat coffee machine, since Ciro sure liked his capuccino, and the metal stairs Staalplaat had.
'Capuciro' on Ciro Iamarco (CDR - 1998)
Staalplaat (no cataloguenumber)

One of the first releases Lunhare did on CDR was a compilation called 'Lookahead'. My piece uses a turntable. If I remember correctly.
'Schleifen' on Lookahead (CDR - 1999)
Lunhare Recycled

A track from our concert at Keller, see also 22-05-1997, which was released n this label which, I think, only released this, as a rememberance of various evenings.
A short edit.
‘Enige Keller’ on In Keller (CDR – 1997)
Gold Coast 01 (no cataloguenumber)

Hugo Mountinho of the Tragic Figures one day had the plan to release a 3LP set, with 'old guys', and Kapotte Muziek was to fill one side. This LP never materialized, also not when offered to Artware. It ended up on a double CDR on my own Bake Records. A lost classic, which had some great names: Gregory Whitehead, KK Null, Sudden Infant, Arcane Device and Blackhumour. My four pieces are all reworkings from the Anathesia project.
'Vier Stucke Im Alten Stil' on Restoration (2xCDR - 2001)
Bake Records 021

I didn't upload all of these compilations, no doubt none of which is available, but I did upload a folder with the Kapotte Muziek tracks from these compilations.

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