Tuesday, August 17, 2010


More compilations. The first one is from 1989 and I believe this label used the wrong track for this. I submitted two tracks, for two compilations. Or some such.
Kapot Produkt 0AR: 'Audio Plagio 3 (Calamities)' on Noise From Nowhere II (c90 - 1989)
New Flesh Tapes 11

More sampled works on this compilation…
Kapot Produkt 0AU: "Audio Plagio 5" on Placebo 1 (c60 - 1990)-
Art Brut 012

As well as here, the rhythm loop was from the Soviet Sex track on the flexi disc that came with Vinyl magazine.
Kapot Produkt 0AZ: 'Audio Plagio' on Rap 'N Crack (c60 - 1990)
Dedali Opera opus 4

One of my more favourite pieces was this one. Heavily influenced by the then recent Asmus Tietchens LP 'Notturno'.
Kapot Produkt OBD: 'Piano Studie 1' on Gears=Sex (c60 - 1990 - edition of 100 copies)
Empty Records mt 076

This was one of those 'pay along' compilations. It was composed (and paid) along with Dead Parliament (one of the many names used by Bart Hanselaar). Also a favourite of mine. Here is the score for the piece.
Kapot Produkt OBF: "Figuratie" on 2x10" (2x10" - 1990)
Empty Records MT 097

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