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And here is a bunch of compilation CDs with Kapotte Muziek.

The oldest one is released by V2. I was a volunteer at V2 when they were located in 's-Hertogenbosch. This compilation CD was made as a follow-up to the better 'CD for the Unstable Media'. I should play the entire CD to remember why I didn't like it. My piece had something to do with reverb creating space. I never liked the design either, as with much that V2 comes up with. I entirely lost interest in V2 and their 'interactive' media.
'Artificial Space' on The Great World In Environment And Acceleration (CD - 1993)
V2 Archief V218

A Japanese guy Suzuki Shunya asked for some tips on composing with noise and mailed me some sounds. I did this piece and he didn't like it. Oh well. It ended up on this UK noise compilation.
Kapot Produkt OCA: 'Struc/Tur/Es' on Stinky Horse Fuckers (CD - 1993)
SHF CD 001

I got two invitations for compilations at the same time, and both were dealing with bodies. I did two tracks of them and mailed both labels both tracks. I think I was pretty clear in as to was to use what, they failed. I think Minus Habens got it right and Anomalous Records got it wrong. Anyway, I am smoking a pipe on this piece:
'The Body In Decay Part 1' on Body Frequencies (CD - 1995)
Minus Habens MHCD 025

One day the postman delivered a box with what looked like dirt and rubbish. They were acoustic materials which I was to use to create music, about some abadonned factory site. I always thought that was a great idea, and this was a fine compilation. See also here
Untitled Cut on Regeneration - Degenerescence (2CD - 1997)
Kaon (no cataloguenumber)

A pretty standard noise track, although it harks back to my Musik Ohne Ende tape.
'Metalle' on Release Your Mind Volume 2 (3CD - 1998)
Relapse RR6961-2

A remix of Disinformation by Kapotte Muziek appeared on this double CD.
'Untitled' on Antiphony (2CD - 1997)
Ash International ash 3.4

The final two are linked together. On the first I rework sounds by Francois Douris and Cisfinitum and on the second sounds by Alexei Borisov. Both compilations from Russia and both are the earliest to use a computer to create them.
‘Dourecycling’ on Non Existence (CD – 2002)
IEM #4
‘Borisov MX 2’ on A Cross Cultural Compilation Vol. 1 (CD – 2002 – Limited to 500 copies)
Insofar Vapor Bulk IVBCD 07

to download the Kapotte Muziek tracks from these

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