Sunday, August 15, 2010


I just realized that I will not be finished with my long list of tapes when we reach October 1st and this archive is supposed to be done. So to 'speed' some things the next few days a few compilations for which I never had proper release dates. We start with the oldest:

I am still contact with Holger Dill Productions, recently writing liner notes for an If, Bwana re-issue he did. I was on his third volume of a series called Poltergeist.
Kapot Produkt 9: 'Speaking Ghosts' on Poltergeist III (c60 - 1985 ?)
Dill Productions dill 019
(booklet with 1 visual from Kapotte Muziek)

This was more mail art than a real music release. 60 one minute tracks. The guy who ripped this, didn't bother to seperate the tracks, which I guess is indeed not easy. It was not for sale:
Kapot Produkt 11: 'Electroshock Part 3' on To Post A Tape Vol.2 (c60 - 1986
© ed. of 61 copies, not for sale)
Minimart Production/Fraction Studio

Another rare example of a politically inspired release, this animal rights compilation, where we stand out as an odd-ball by a million miles. Lots of (great) punk music. I was never a vegetarian - maybe its time to admit that now.
Kapot Produkt 13: 'Animal Torture Part 1 & 2' on 1.242.285 (c90 © 1986 - ed. of 250 copies)
Y.U.R.A. Kollektief yur 001
(booklet with 1 visual from Kapotte Muziek) (all benefits for the dutch
animal liberation front)

An attempt to create serious avant-garde music with feedback sounds and collage as form. It was inspired by the title I guess. I don't think I succeeded very well.
Kapot Produkt 32: 'Sounds From Unknown Source' on Third Generation Serious Music (c60 - 1986)
MarzidovsekMinimalLaboratorium MML 32
(Booklet with 1 visual from Kapotte Muziek)
(We submitted a longer track than featured here. The total piece can be found on Kapot Produkt 0AA)

I recently met Al Margolis from Sound Of Pig when he was here recording the Brombron project with Adam Bohman. We talked a lot about the good ol' days of cassettes, though we both couldn't remember this track on his compilation:
Kapot Produkt 43: 'Kapot Produkt 43' on Empty Shadows (c60 - 1987)
Sound Of Pig Music sop 90

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