Thursday, March 25, 2010


One day I got a phone call from Nico Selen, from IF Records, which was not a rare thing. I organised for his label the 'Motop 1' LP and later on 'Motop 2' CD. He was one of those persons who phoned a lot in the late 80s. But that night he started talking about how happy he was with the sales of the 'Motop 1' LP, and that there was some profit and whether he was now considering to do a LP by one person. I was expecting he was asking me to do a split LP with Kapotte Muziek on one side and one of his projects on the other side. I was amazed when he proposed to do an entire LP of Kapotte Muziek. I decided it should be an overview of earlier cassette works. You can't believe how proud I was when it came out, complete with an insert explaining each track. I went to Christian Nijs, who by then moved out of my sight but I still knew where he lived, to give him a copy since it included also some of his work. He played it while I was there, and was slightly bemused, saying 'I can't remember any of this'. It was more or less the last time I saw until 1999 when I bumped into him at the supermarket. Still one that deserves a CD release. I happen to know that the version here is a remastered version by Jos Smolders. Excellent job there - you too should hire him for your mastering.

Kapot Produkt ORE: HISTORY IS WHAT WAS (12" - March 1990 - 14 Tracks - Edition of 220 copies)
IF Records 1212
(Comes with an insert)

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