Friday, March 12, 2010


Some kind of event organised by the art academy of Antwerpen, Belgium, where were announced as 'industrial experimental cultproject' (see flyer above), together with Stratosphere, of whom I remember nothing. The building had some nice squeaky doors which we taped in the afternoon and that sound started the concert. Not that you will hear it now, since this will be part of the 10 cassette box by Blossoming Noise. Players: Frans de Waard, Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop. Gig 30 12-03-1996 HPA, Antwerpen, Belgium
But let me use this opportunity to give some insight in that forthcoming 10 cassette box, so now what its like and what won't be posted here. Tape one will have two tapes from 1986: 'Weapons Of Musick' and 'Aircraft'. The second one has two tapes from 1992: 'Vier Stukken' and 'Murmer'. Tape three has vinyl works from 1989-1996, being 'Intonation', a split with Asod Dvi (previous unreleased), 'Real Time Music', side B of the never released 7" with Agencement, the KM side of the split with Grunt and 'Sind'. Tape four has the collaboration with The Grey Wolves on one side and Vidna Obmana on the other side, both previously released Death Pact Tapes. Tape five will have a whole bunch of compilation tracks: from a 7' by Nuthouse (previously unreleased), Beast 666 (previously unreleased), Ache Records (previously unreleased), SEI Records (previously unreleased), Epitapes, Sicktone Records, Discipline Products, Broken Flag (previously unreleased), Suitcase Recordings, Vandal Cassettes, Honeymoon Productions, Empty Records, Freedom From (previously unreleased), Independent Friends. Tape six has one side the 'Anathesia' release, and on the other a rework of that which was released by Bake Records in a private edition of 2. Tape seven has the first two concerts (from 1986 and 1987), tape eight two concerts from 1993(May 8 1993 at Gargoyle Mecanique, New York, USA and May 18 1993 at Al's Bar, Los Angeles). Tape nine tape 9 two concerts (March 12 1996 at HPA, Antwerpen, Belgium and May 25 1997 at Extrapool, Nijmegen, The Netherlands) and tape ten (February 18 2005 at Tent, Rotterdam, The Netherlands and November 5 2009 at Maakhaven, Den Haag, The Netherlands).
Plus Lunhare in Italy will release a double CDR with the complete Assemblage story. The Kapotte Muziek tracks from the 7", plus the three releases that came from that:
Kapot Produkt OCB: AS SMEGA BEL (c30 - July 1992 - limited edition of 50 copies)
Tapes For Masses TFM 002
CLYISCSERT (C45 - 1993)
Old Europa Cafe
Kapot Produkt OBI: AGES BE ALMS (c46 - 1991)
Tragic Figures TF
(comes with a booklet from Kapotte Muziek)
plus a 2010 remix by Freiband.

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