Saturday, March 6, 2010


I know it sounds like a masterplan but it isn't. Yesterday a solo cassette from me, and a day later, in the same year, one from Christian. Perhaps the only one he recorded as Kapotte Muziek. Quirky rhythms. I actually always loved this release. It was released by Disabuse Transmissions, Christian's short lived label, all of the releases can be downloaded here. It also includes a compilation with a Kapotte Muziek track. A slightly different version of the first two tracks can be found here. Visual for that above.
Kapot Produkt 24: ROCK N ROLL (c30 - 6/3/1986 - edition of 15 copies)
Disabuse Transmissions dt 2
Kapot Produkt 25: 'Mutually Assured Destruction' on Oh No Not Another Compilation (Ontwaakt !) (c30 - 3/4/1986 - ed. of 123 copies)
Disabuse Transmissions dt 4
Kapot Produkt 39: 'Rock N Roll' on Seventh Dimension Quasette 5 (c60 - May 1987)
Zimbo Tapes zimbo 15
(First edition of 7 copies as a serie of 7 tapes. The edition that is for sale is limited to 33 copies)

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