Friday, July 9, 2010


n August 1996 Staalplaat organised a large scale event in Berlin, effectively marking the start of moving there entirely in 2003. In the month before they released a compilation CD/programm with the acts that were performing. No doubt they wouldn't like me to do free download of that CD, so only our track. I wrote about this piece before, but that was incorrect. For the CD we used a piece from our Russelsheim concert (26-05-1996) and called it 'Tweede Russelsheim' (second piece from Russelsheim). Which is odd, since I no longer recall why it was second as there seems no survival of this recording. You may have downloaded this from the previous post, but here it is again.
'Tweede Russelsheim' on Sonderangebot (CD - july 1996)
Staalplaat LTD

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