Monday, July 12, 2010


One of the very early works. I mailed the label Wegwerp tapes a fifteen minute tape, basically because I thought it would be great to have many short tapes and get some name recognition, but then I received this tape, in which the man behind the label, Berry Rikkerink (also of The Lost Attic fame), just used some sounds from us. We must assume the whole C15 is lost. Berry died in October 2007
The whole tape can be downloaded here.
Kapot Produkt 6: 'Consternatie in R'dam' and 'Future' on Interprovinsjale Sweinen (c60 - 20/7/1985)
Wegwerp Tapes wwt 006
(Note: We send this label a c15 with material for them to release completly, but they made two new tracks out of our material and credited it to us)

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