Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I spend some time this morning looking for this tape, which I already transferred to MP3 a long time (along with all the other releases by Korm Plastics from the cassette days), but I couldn't find it in my slightly disorganised environment, so no cover, but there is something to download. (update a few days later: here is the cover!). Anyway, this tape is my first more serious attempt to 'compose' music, using field recordings I made when on holiday in Austria with my parents, whom I drove crazy with my tape recorder. In a sort of attempt to be like the Hafler Trio I guess. See those titles. Oh well, I still love it and it was the first release on Korm Plastics Canada, my small enterprise with Not Half. There were a couple of more releases which I will also post later on. Since a weeks I am back in contact with Al Lincoln Roy, or Allen Conroy, of Not Half.
Kapot Produkt 0AG: FROZEN ENVIRONMENT (c15 - July 1988 - ed. of 50 Copies)
Korm Plastics Canada KPC 001

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