Sunday, May 16, 2010


As you learned if you read this blog carefully, then you know there were a few concerts in the 80s, the one already published on February 7th and one in August. There were also two 'installation' pieces, of which this was one. It was organised by a new foundation in the small city of Winterswijk, who organised this home tapers event. Prilius Lacus and THU20 also played (the latter were very good). I glued a whole bunch of xerox together, intended to stick it up somewhere in the building and play some taped music (what SBOTHI could, I could, was the idea I guess). Only parts could be hanged, so we ripped the remainder to small bits. I got some help from Rik and Eugenie from Prilius Lacus on that. There is a small 5 minute recording of this event, which you can download. The place was Eucalypta. What you see here is the contract for this concert and my drawing of how the xeroxes should be stuck together.

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