Friday, May 7, 2010


I just realized that in 1993 the 7th of May was also a friday. I know because we went with Filet Of Feedback, a duo, from Providence to New York City, which is normally a few hours. Since Filet was never in New York City, they didn't realize that going into Manhattan on a friday afternoon is like hell - going out too, as it seems. Then it wasn't easy to find the Knitting Factory. So we arrived late, maybe 90 minutes after we were supposed to play, so we rushed to the doorman, telling who we are, that we could set up quickly and play. 'That's not possible', he simply said. In another room another concert had started or something like that. 'So, if we don't play, we get no money?'. 'Yep, that's right'. We left and went to Kit Blake where we stayed the first week. However we list this as the third one. Players were: Peter Duimelinks and Frans de Waard. Gig 3 07-05-1993 Knitting Factory, New York, USA

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