Tuesday, May 4, 2010


And then the official list of gigs started. This gig, the very first Peter and I did on US soil, was also the first gig together we ever did. The original idea was to do a US tour with THU20, Peter's band and I would do a solo support of it. But slowly the others in THU20 backed out, and we decided to just a duo thing, sticking to the name Kapotte Muziek. We prepared a bunch of background tapes, made contact microphones and two self-built devices and flew out to the USA. The first week we spend in Brooklyn, staying at Kit Blake's, purchased a small mixer and cables and did a bit of rehearsing. Scott Konzelman gave us something to eat when money was low. Then on May 5th we took the train to upstate New York, to the capitol of the state, Albany and were picked up by people from the Mondale Foundation. Illusion Of Safety arrived shortly after that and Filet Of Feedback (from Pittsburgh) were kinda late. With FOF and IOS we would tour the first bit. The Mondale Foundation (named after Walter Mondale? - I forgot to ask and show off my trivia) provided us with a mini moog which we also used. The gig went really well. Players were: Peter Duimelinks and Frans de Waard. Gig 1 05-05-1993 Bogies, Albany, USA

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