Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It must be bad luck, but here's another one which don't go into free download mode. It will be part of the 10 cassette set from Blossoming Noise (expected june or july). This particular release is a dear one to me. It started with a newspaper article about people in the operating theatre not being fully unconscious and that talk from the doctors influenced the patient. I recorded this work to be played on headphones, and using various tapes a friend of mine gave me with cardio sounds. This work is later expanded in various other works. We'll come to those later. Soundfume Tapes was a rather short-lived label from Vidna Obmana.
Kapot Produkt 00W: ANATHESIA (c30 - feb. 1988)
Soundfume Tapes so 2(With 6 pages booklet)
Kapotte Muziek Unit 02: Editing and concept

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