Sunday, February 7, 2010


As you may have noticed the concerts are numbered so far. Today I am posting the first entry about a concert that has no number. The numbering starts in 1993 when Peter Duimelinks and I went to the USA and then we started to number all those concerts. The first four concerts in the 80s don't have such a number and this is the second one. It was part of an evening V2 in 's-Hertogenbosch organised about 'home tapers'. It had two concerts by THU20 (for this occasion split in 2: one concert by Jacques van Bussel and Peter Duimelinks and one by Roel Meelkop and Jos Smolders), inside an installation of plastic sheets with water running and various scents. In the other (the smaller garage room) Odal built an installation of drift wood and floor boards. He started his small concert with a sort of lecture, which was taped by Kapotte Muziek and we used this (recycling being the keyword of the day) as part of our music. Meanwhile Odal nailed the only exit door with more wood, locking people in and then started to make three small fires. Soon the entire place was filled with smoke which hit us, on our small stage first - everybody else sat down. After about twenty minutes someone ripped open the door (Jacques van Bussel I believe) and the audience left immediately. End of concert. The whole thing was videod (and probably still in the archives of V2, which are now based in Rotterdam. The recordings of the event were to be released as a cassette by V2, also a label then. It didn't happen, mainly, I believe, because THU20 couldn't agree upon their part. Odal and Kapotte Muziek then offered it to Watergate Tapes, didn't happen and in the end Korm Plastics Canada released it. Later on a few surfaced on CDR. The recording will now be re-released by Blossoming Noise as part of the 10 cassette box 'Twenty-Five' - no download here. For a while I had the programm booklet we did, but of course it seems somewhere now where I can't locate it. The picture above comes from a V2 catalogue, and shows me and Christian during our concert.
There was a programm guide which can be download here

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