Monday, February 1, 2010


This particular compilation I couldn't find online, perhaps due to the references found for ultraviolence: lots of A Clockwork Orange. I have a copy of this cassette but I have no idea where I left the tracklist. The Kapotte Muziek track later also appeared as 'December 28th' with some variation. Perhaps one day I will find that tracklist again. The release is by Zeal SS, one of the many guises - both labelwise and musicwise - used by my almost name-same Trev Ward from The Grey Wolves, which I guess is his best known guise. Despite his strong love for all things 'right wing', I found him always a sort of leftie, and perhaps all of this stuff was just a comment on the way things were. And he was nice to collaborate with, musicwise.
Kapot Produkt 17: 'Malleus Maleficorum' on Themes Vol.1: Ultraviolence (c60 - Jan 1986 - ed. of 113 copies)
Zeal SS 86045
(booklet with 1 visual from Kapotte Muziek)

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