Thursday, April 29, 2010


Just like Factory Records, I always thought it would be nice to have Korm Plastics branches in other countries. The most serious one was with Al Lincoln from Not Half, with whom I released a handful of tapes as Korm Plastics Canada. With Jeff Surak of 1348 and Watergate Tapes I only did one as Korm Plastics USA, an early anthology of compilation cassettes. It came with a nice booklet with detailled information. Later Jeff's new label Zeromoon as a CDR with the title 'An Apology Is Necessary' and these days can be found here. Apparently it has been downloaded almost 19.000 times. Oh.
Kapot Produkt 0AA: ANTHOLOGY 1984-1987 (c60 - April 1988)
Korm Plastics USA kpUS 001
Compiled by Kapotte Muziek Unit 02.
Contains: kp 2, kp 7, kp 8, kp 12 (new and longer version), kp 16, kp 20, kp 24, kp 30, kp 32 (new and longer version), kp34, kp 40, kp 45, kp 50, kp 00G. With booklet


  1. Who or what is by Kapotte Muziek Unit 02 ?

  2. In the very old days, KM worked separately, Christian recorded the music and sounds, and I changed/edited that. So we came up with the idea of calling us Unit 01 (Christian) and Unit 02 (Frans). After Christian left I kept on doing this, and there were more units. I think Jac van Bussel was one (maybe 03) and Peter Desmet was 04.