Wednesday, April 14, 2010


When we landed in the USA for our second tour this concert was not the first. The tour started in New York with a concert by Goem at Tonic and the night after that at Bard College, also with Goem (and a great set by Taylor Deupree). Then we moved to Boston, home town of mister Stelzer and mister talbot, with whom we would tour until the end of this tour. The first Kapotte Muziek concert was in the basement of Twisted Village recordstore, where we played together with Howard Stezler and Jason Talbot. RRRon was there too. Gig 72 14-04-2002 Twisted Village, Boston, MA, USA (together with Howard Stelzer and Jason Talbot)


  1. Good times! I remember those shows well. Jason Lescalleet played on the Bard show too.

  2. ah, yes, quite right. i forgot, sorry. my diary show no notes on who else played on a lot of these concerts and i have no flyers or posters for most of these US concerts, sadly. you're set was great too - you ended up in beautiful nijmegen for a brombron!